wireless networking web access issue

  dachs 20:52 10 Dec 2006

I've just upgraded my aol account to 8 meg and received a netgear dg834g router. I installed it through an ethernet connection and it works fine. I the tried to get my pc to connect wirelessly using a usb DLink DWL-G122 adapter I had chucking about. Using the AOL wizard to install it got me nowhere as it is geared to Netware or Thompson adapters. So, I looked at the settings of my ethernet adapter and copied them to the usb wireless adapter manually, giving it the next IP address in the range ( I was then able to connect easily to my wireless network after entering my WEP key and the signal is excellent. However, I cannot open aol or get onto the web via internet explorer (or the router manager for that matter As soon as I stick the ethernet connection back in everything is fine. Where am I going wrong or what have I missed out? Any help appreciated. Theoretically my wireless adapter should pick up a dhcp ip address from the router, right? This doesn't happen.... help!!

  LastChip 23:33 10 Dec 2006

If you're using XP, is XP's Firewall (or any other software firewall) blocking the connection?

  dachs 09:41 11 Dec 2006

Yes, XP (home)SP2, but I've set all the firewall settings as recommended by AOL and tried it with the firewall disabled too....
From the wireless connection I can't even ping, which is odd if I am allegedly connected to the wireless network?! In the router manager (in a wired connection) the wireless adapter is not visible in "attached devices", but there is no way I can see to add it manually.

  dachs 10:12 11 Dec 2006

I'VE CRACKED IT!! I tried my adapter in a different usb port on my machine and it works fine, the other one must be faulty even though it SEEMS to work. I have just doublechecked, new usb slot, good connection + internet in IE and AOL software with dhcp enabled. Old usb slot, claims it is connected wirelessly in Windows when static IP configured, but cannot resolve dhcp and in reality cannot even ping router!
LastChip, thanks for your input, greatly appreciate that you took the time to help out, many thanks indeed

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