Wireless Networking Setup

  bretonmage 17:23 08 Mar 2004

The computers involved in my network are:-
2 Win XP Desktops
1 Win XP Laptop
1 Win 98 Desktop

They all have wireless networking adapters, they all manage to connect to the wireless router/broadband modem (all in one box). But - Any shared folders on one computer simply cannot be seen by any other computer (its the same with printers). No matter how much I change the network settings.

Any help would be much appreciated.

  powertool 18:23 08 Mar 2004

as I am a newby - but from what I have read ...

1. each pc has to have a different name on the network

2. but each has to have exactly the same name for the workgroup

3. you have to decide which folders to share by right-clicking and selecting properties, then sharing - tick network sharing.

hope this is of some assistance and not just stating the obvious!

  bretonmage 20:09 08 Mar 2004

I've checked the network name/workgroup settings. They seem to be correct. And there are folders shared on each computer, but each PC seemms not to be able to each other's shared folders.

  ruckuss 20:57 08 Mar 2004

Did you use the xp network wizard to setup the network?

Have you got windows firewall or a third party firewall protecting each machine?

You need to set the firewall to allow traffic between each machine.

  Blossie 21:09 08 Mar 2004

I have had the same problem and used the help and knowledge center on xp - it turned out that I had "Zone alarm" running in the background, although it was switched off it still prevented the pc from viewing me and me accessing it. have you tried "pinging" the other machine?

  bretonmage 22:33 08 Mar 2004

It turned out that the firewall on one computer was restricting access to it. But, after disabling it, I get this error when trying to access that PC's shared folder 'Not enough server storage is available to process this command.'

p.s.That computer (the one that I can't access from others) seems to be able to access any other's shared folders.

Any ideas?

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