Wireless networking problems

  Inigo 16:49 03 Jun 2003

Hi all,

I've just typed all of this once, and got a random network error and lost it... :( Ah well, here we go again...

I have two computers linked together via wireless networking. The desktop has a W-Buddie 802.11b USB device, the laptop a Bluetake PCMCIA 802.11b card. The network was working fine until earlier today. Rebooted the laptop, and it stopped working.

According to the wireless LAN monitoring utilities, the desktop is recieving and sending data, while the laptop is only sending data. According to the windows network monitoring things, both computers are recieving no information.

IP addresses: the desktop is sharing an internet connection, so is set to The laptop should automatically get an IP address from the desktop, but isn't. Changing the settings so each assigns themselves their own IP address does nothing to change the problem.

I've changed the channels and SSID's of the network, always keeping them the same on both machines. This doesn't seem to affect anything. WEP has been disabled throughout.

I'm wondering if the Bluetake PCMCIA card has died - I bought it in conjunction with a USB card for the desktop; the USB card has since been replaced by W-Buddie USB card as the Bluetake card had a fault with it.

Anyone got any ideas why this's happening? WiFi really doesn't seem to like me - it's caused me endless problems from the word go... :(

Thanks in advance,
Mike Peel
*who is copying the message into clipboard in case it goes again*

  Granger 18:09 03 Jun 2003

Someone here advised me to fix the IP of the laptop, which I set to Have you configured your firewall? I guess so, if it was working before. You might also look for the MS knowledgebase article "How to Configure a Static Client for Windows XP Internet Connection Sharing". Sorry I still haven't worked out how to post MS links.

  Inigo 20:38 03 Jun 2003

The thing is, it isn't just the internet access - manually setting the IP address to or so (which I did) should have at least allowed the machines to talk to each other, and share files...

I've just gone through the knowledge base article you reccomended, and have done as it said. The computers still aren't chatting... :(

*notes that pinging the desktop from the laptop makes the amount of data recieved on the desktop go up, but nothing happens on the laptop other than "Request timed out."...*

  Happy1 20:59 03 Jun 2003

Which Firewall are you using. Asking because I have just found out that Microsoft (New sec.patch can knock you off network if you have downloaded it of course and you also have symantec Firewall.) I have just asked if anyone can direct me to msn site to get more info. It knockd me off but as I downloaded 2 patches dont know which one it is.(New 811493 and Q815021 XP)

This may not be your problem but thought I would mention it just in case.

  Inigo 21:25 03 Jun 2003

According to my computer, the knowledge base search page has a runtime error on line 69; permission denied. How's that for useful?

I uninstalled the two updates you suggested; no luck. I have Norton Anti-virus installed, so tried removing that too. Again, no luck. Am currently doing a full re-install to check if it's the hardware or something in Windows messing up; will let you know how that goes.

There is a firewall that's appeared on the internet connection on the desktop (the WinXP one), but I doubt that's having an effect on the laptop's network connection...

  Inigo 22:02 03 Jun 2003

Reinstallation seems to have solved the problem - my network's now back up and running. Microsoft could be a little more considerate with their updates... :(

*now has to put all of his drivers and programs back onto his laptop. Is not a happy bunny...*

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