Wireless Networking problems (802.11b)

  Inigo 22:11 03 Feb 2003

I'm trying to connect a desktop and laptop via a wireless network. I've got a wireless USB adaptor connected to the desktop, and a PCMCIA card for the laptop. Both machines are running Windows XP (Pro on the desktop, Home on the laptop), and the adaptors are both made by Bluetake.

We've just about managed to get the machines seeing that they have a wireless card connected, and the computers are each sending data out, but they aren't recieving anything.

We've tried setting the IP addresses manually, but can't get it to work. Has anyone got any ideas?

  johnem 22:40 03 Feb 2003

Inigo, not sure about your problem, but have you just got wireless adapters for both machines? I believe that you need a wireless network access point fitted to one of the machines, before anything will work. It sounds as if all you have at the moment is "two receivers" and no "Transmitter".

  PSF 22:48 03 Feb 2003

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Have you had a look at the Bluetake site.

When you set-up the network did you use XP networking wizard.

Are the firewalls switched as they could be blocking each other.

  PSF 22:50 03 Feb 2003

Are the firewalls switched on or off as they could be blocking each other.

  mikeyb59 22:54 03 Feb 2003

I have a similar setup between two desktops and a laptop.
Not familiar with your wireless equipment as I am using Actiontec gear.
However, when setting up the wireless adaptors I had a choice of Infrastructure (looking for wireless router) or ad-hoc (looking for ANY wireless connection).
Selecting ad-hoc on all machines had everything up and running.
For information - desktop 1 XP Home, desktop 2 WinMe, laptop XP Pro.

Now, if I can just get the wireless router to work....

Hope this helps

  Inigo 09:19 04 Feb 2003

Firewalls are off. Am trying to create an ad hoc network, so no router needed. Bluetake website, like their software, is pretty useless (the readme says that they should do stuff that they blatently don't).

However, we think we've worked it out by selecting Network Authentication and putting in a keywork key. Or at least, a person who runs a Mac wireless network says that that should work. Am waiting for a person with a WinXP laptop to come around again tonight so we can test it out again - will let you know how we get on.

  mikeyb59 12:56 23 Feb 2003

Is it working?

  Inigo 14:12 23 Feb 2003

Yep, I've managed to get it all going, although it can be a bit tempermental, and the range of the thing doesn't seem to be that good - it barely covers the room next door, although the walls here are rather thick...

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