Wireless Networking Problem

  Phil930 18:32 02 Nov 2004

I have two computers in house connecting to BT BB through a Belkin ADSL Modem/Wireless Router all in one. One computer is wired and one is wireless. All was working fine until yesterday.

Now the wired computer is fine. It runs at on the internal IP.

But all of a sudden my wireless computer is having limited or no connectivity. Before the wireless computer would always connect with an IP of but now it is connecting as

I figured this may be why there is no connection as i have no idea what it is trying to connect to. However the connection is being made through Windows Wireless Networking wizard. It is a belkin 54g wireless card that always worked fine in the past. The wireless computer runs XP Pro with SP2.

It worked fine in the past but all of a sudden the automatic connection to my wireless broadband is being very strange. I have done all the normal things such as restart modem/computer and repair pci wireless card. But no change.

So, how can i fix this? How can i make the wireless card connect to the router correctly again and not let it keep assigning the IP of Surely it should be 192.168.2.x no?

  hillybilly 18:48 02 Nov 2004

Try this - go into network connections

Right click on the w/less connection

click properties

scroll down the box and highlight tcp/ip for w/less card

click properties

Now assign manual IP address


  Spark6 20:50 02 Nov 2004

Phil930, did hillybilly's suggestion work?

I bought a Belkin F5D7630-4A router last week and having difficulties with the networking. PC World today suggested I telephone Belkin Tech support. This I shall do tomorrow.

  Phil930 00:46 03 Nov 2004

Belkin help - in America they were very helpful when i lived there

In UK i regret to inform you that it is an Indian call centre. I had serious communication problems with the Belkin 'UK' call centre.

As for the suggestions, i did not need to use them. My computer suddenly picked up its old IP address of again (after a 4 hour timeout period).

Anyway, i am confident hillybillys idea would work. I plan to assign static IP addresses through the router and windows on all computers on the network to remove this issue.

  Charence 00:52 03 Nov 2004

but when you do so, you must manually configure your network connections, otherwise Windows will set it up so that it works on random days, but not all. (That's what I experienced) If you choose the option boxes to manually choose the network connection in the Wizard, your wireless connection should work.


  hillybilly 00:56 03 Nov 2004

I've had that type prob with there uk centre as well, thats one of the reasons why I now buy netgear, atleast I could understand the man from Denmark!

Remember if you are going to use static IP addresses to turn off the DHCP server in your router.

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 01:11 03 Nov 2004

Might keep a note of this thread and bump it up if I have problems. Hoping to set up a wireless network soon myself once BBand connection live.

Hillybilly - would you recommend netgear equipment for wireless n/work?

  hillybilly 01:21 03 Nov 2004

I run eight pc's on win xp pro combined with a Win 2003 Small Business Server, all fitted with either wired or wireless netgear cards and a netgear dg834g adsl modem router.

Have installed around about 15 of these routers over the past six months and they have worked first time, except for one in an old building with walls 24 inches thick!

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 01:28 03 Nov 2004

Cheers HB, think may go for netgear rather than belkin equip then.

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 13:49 30 Nov 2004

We've now got a dg834g router set up, and in the main it works fine. Only problem is about every 3 or 4 days we have to turn the router off and on as the ADSL connections don't work for AOL broadband. Seems to sometimes happen when both PCs have been connected but one of us shuts down while the other one is on. Is is normal to have to keep turning the router off and on, at least weekly?

  Modo 14:37 30 Nov 2004

Phil930 tell me the Belkin model number if it happens again I probably know the solution. It is very similar to hillybilly's solution.

The other two problems that are coming up after SP2 are

1. intermittent dropping of the wireless signal.The Windows Wireless program rescans for signals every 3 minutes and drops the signal if it comes across too many competing wireless networks. The solution invloves stopping "Wireless Zero Configuraton" WZCSVS in Services soon after logging on. Stupid but effective.

2. loss of networking on a Home network because there is "not enough server space". This requires a registry edit, allbeit a simple one. Best handled through Event Viewer if you have an Internet connection. You need to change a value in HKLM "irpstacksize".

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