Wireless Networking of Printer

  blocker11 18:02 16 Dec 2006

I recently purcahsed a Netgear Wirless router, is it possbile to network the 2 printers in the house via this router? If so, would the computer containing the printer software have to been on for another PC to print to it??

Any suggestions would be great!!


  vinnyT 19:02 16 Dec 2006

Unless the has a dedicated print server I don't think that you can connect your printers directly to this router, I think you will need a print server.

This would connect to one of your routers lan ports, then connect the printers to the servers, set it up and you will be able to see the printers on any pc on the network (you would have to install the printers drivers to each pc you wish to use the printers with).

Make sure that you get the right one, many of the p/servers I have seen have only one usb port.

Here's a froogle search for print server, you will have to wade throgh the listing till you find the right one, at the right price.

Hope this helps.

  vinnyT 19:03 16 Dec 2006


Here's a froogle search for print server, you will have to wade throgh the listing till you find the right one, at the right price.

click here

  Legolas 19:22 16 Dec 2006

As said you will need to install the printer drivers on all the computers you want to print from. You can share a printer on the network and print from it from any computer wirelessly without using a print sever the downside to this is that the computer the printer is connected to must be on for printing from other computers to take place. For a guide to sharing your printer click here

  Strawballs 20:59 16 Dec 2006

As said before if you get print servers (wireless print servers if you want to keep them away from the router) then you will be able to print from either printer from any machine on your network without worrying if the any other PC is on.

  Woolwell 22:53 16 Dec 2006

You can network your printers but as previously stated the computer to which the printer is connected has to be on. This article I have found helpful:

click here

  SANAP 00:20 17 Dec 2006

I have just got my laptop working on my 2 pinters, upstairs/downstairs bt it took a lot of time. In the end I dont know exactly what I did that worked but what I thnk fixed it was to close down my other firewalls and use xp firewall on all pc's and lappy.



  SANAP 00:20 17 Dec 2006

i should have said i have the netgear dg834np


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