wireless networking with new dell laptop

  lilythepink 22:45 10 Mar 2006

I have just bought a new laptop. I have a router installed on my dell desktop, and want to connect my laptop to it.
the laptop has found the router, says the connection is excellent, then will not let me connect, as there is"no connectivity" and might not let me connect to internet. Then up pops a sign saying something about the IP address. Any clues as to what is going wrong. I have spent nearly 3 nights at this, and I am desparate.

  [DELETED] 23:26 10 Mar 2006

check out threads posted in the Networking Forum.

How had you setup the wireless router; was a range of IP addresses such as -

If all these standard settings are done correctly, the other thing to check is any software firewall running on your laptop. This might also need the same IP address range to be setup in the "trusted" computers (Networks tab). That is what I had to do with 2 different software firewalls.

Do post with more details of your router model and software firewalls. Also if you are running an 802.11g, 802.11b or pre-N/MIMO, will be useful information for us to try to help.

  lilythepink 23:48 10 Mar 2006

running a dell 2300 router, and a Dell truemobile, I don't understand how this works. Shall I start all over again. What is the wep/wpa number, and how do you get one?

  [DELETED] 02:44 11 Mar 2006

What is WEP?
click here
WEP and WPA are different security encryption methods. You set them yourself when you set up your router’s configuration.

Another click here

And many more in the Networking Forum ~ have a browse, and read the instructions that must have come with your DELL products.

Generally, the steps are;

1) Decide on names for your Network and each client PC & change the default names on each PC.

2) Note down the MAC Address or "Physical" address of each PC's wireless component.

3) Setup your wireless router (connected via Ethernet cable)
> Connect your PC and broadband modem as normal(without any wireless device installed) and ensure there is internet access by checking out a web site
> Use any "Wizard" in installation CDs and follow the steps
> Connect the wireless router, PC and broadband modem when instructed to by the Wizard and wired appropriately
> Complete the Wizard
> Access the router's configuration and setup;
- WEP / WPA security + password/keys
- various extra security steps recommended; e.g. (Set up MAC address filtering so only your PCs can connect, stop SSID broadcast and block "Ping" responses, etc)

4) Setup your each of your wireless PCs (no wired connection) wireless network configuration, to match the router's SSID, WEP/WPA, etc.

5) Enjoy getting internet access on all your PCs. Start to want more... e.g.
> Folder sharing you can access data on other PCs on the same wireless network, from any other PC.

All these and more are covered in the Networking Forum threads.

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