wireless networking how ...

  Hucky 14:34 08 Dec 2004

hi guys...i am tryin to share files with another pc and am wonderin how i go about it...we are both connected to broadband by means of a router

  oicd2000 17:29 08 Dec 2004

Hucky, I have a similar problem... maybe someone can help us both :-)

I have a wireless lan router and 3 PCs. Need to connect each PC to network and the connect router to an ADSL modem. Particularly concerned about security. Am using XP Pro (service pack 1 installed). Can anyone give some guidance or referwence to sources of information. Thanks.

  Kegger 17:40 08 Dec 2004

OS doesn't really matter, i have a wired and wireless set up using / Sharing BB, Printers x 2 and access from all 7 PC's to all 7 PC's hard drives but tend to make copying to / from PC to a specific folder created by my self on each PC laptop. couple of rules to make it all work, give each pc a static ip address in the range 192.168.0.X increasing by one as you add PC Printer etc starting the router as then make sure all PC's are in the same workgoup, then enable file sharing. then from a command prompt ping each item from each item ie main PC ping router ( main to other PC ping etc, i will monitor replies if you need further info

  TomJerry 17:43 08 Dec 2004

PCA also did a piece a few issues ago. If you do not want to read paper version of mag, look homenethelp web site click here. Do not want to read anything, pay someone to do it.

  Kegger 17:51 08 Dec 2004

as TomJerry says PCA did a guide back along or click here for more in depth view

  TomJerry 20:49 08 Dec 2004

you can get everything from broadbandbuyer click here, prices are reasonable

  Leslie-212488 08:40 22 Jul 2005


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