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Wireless networking in the home

  Rhuddlan 14:22 17 Mar 2006

If a friend of mine wants a wireless home network with two desktop computers am I right in thinking that a wireless router and two wireless network cards are needed for this to happen? She ideally would like the router placed in the living room, the main desktop comp in the dining room which is two rooms away and the other comp upstairs in one of thr bedroom's.

Also, where would be the best place to get this equipment?

Thanks in advance for any help, Mat.

  Diodorus Siculus 14:53 17 Mar 2006

What you suggest is correct.

click here=

This is the one I use.

With another wireless network card or USB adaptor, you should have all you need.

  Pineman100 17:03 17 Mar 2006

I set up a wireless network at home a few months ago, using a Belkin router and USB adapter. I (and the Belkin helpdesk) had endless problems getting the adapter and the router to talk to each other reliably, and I still find that about 70% of the time they won't communicate the first time I switch on the computer. I have to restart, and they then communicate the second time (usually). I was told on this forum that I would have been much better off using a wireless network card in the computer, rather than a USB adapter.

  The Kestrel 17:40 17 Mar 2006

I have a netgear wireless network system which includes two PCs connected by USB adapters. My son's PC is in his bedroom with 3 walls and a floor space between him and the router. He always receives a strong signal with no problems.

  Rhuddlan 19:41 21 Mar 2006

Hi All, thanks for the advice and comments, my friend has Wanadoo Broadband at the moment on the one computer in the living room, the computer in the bedroom doesn't yet have an internet connection. I have advised her to get two desktop network cards and a wirless router. She wants decent equipment but at a fairly cheap price, any other suggestions?

I don't know much about wireless networks but I am right in thinking that the modem plugs into the wirless router and after the software installation, the net can be accessed wirelessly throught both computers, she wants the living room computer to the main one that is used as this one is newer, does this computer have to be on in order for the other one to gain internet access. The computer in the bedroom is for the kids and she wants to control internet content to them, so security is a must!

Thanks and look forward to more advice, Mat.

  Rhuddlan 22:40 21 Mar 2006

Thank you once again for the suggestions and very useful help. Will discuss with my good friend and post back.

Regards, Mat.

  Rhuddlan 19:32 23 Mar 2006

click here

The above link is to a usb adapter on e bay. So in simple terms for the benifit of myself and my friend who have no idea bout home wireless networks and keeping in mind her small budge, she should get two of these and a wireless router?, the comp upstairs is directly above the one in the living room.

Regards, Mat.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:50 23 Mar 2006

Two of those but no router
ICS set up on main PC with wanadoo BB modem
Can also share files and printer of main PC

Disadvantage is main PC needs to be ON to get internet on 2nd PC

Advantage is low cost and can limit internet use for children etc..

Two of those plus modem router combined unit.
Either PCs can access internet regardless of whether other is on or off.
Disadvantage is cost of modem/router

  Rhuddlan 19:59 23 Mar 2006

So it's a case of installing the software connecting the adapters and away we go?! Then an internet connection, files and printers etc can be shared?

Thanks for the help, Mat.

  Rhuddlan 20:20 28 Mar 2006

I think myself and my friend are going to be shopping on e bay on friday, for her and my reassurance, can somebody just confirm that my previous post is right in what I say?

Thanks and kind regards, Mat.

  Rhuddlan 18:39 29 Mar 2006

OK thanks, option 2 it is.

Many thanks for the help, will post in the near future with the results!

Kind Regards, Mat.

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