wireless networking at home

  TheTerminator 22:01 21 Dec 2003

I am sure that there will be a number of emails all relating to networking...

I am getting broadband over christmas;

As far as I can tell if I get a wireless network router which sits near the cable entrance point, all I then need is/are wireless network cards in all computers which will then access the internet regardless of any which are switched on? Correct?

If so, can you recommend a cheap one then please?

Secondly, how do I add a WEP key to stop pesky neighbours accessing the internet?

The Terminator

  Forum Editor 23:24 21 Dec 2003

isn't necessarily going to be the answer. Some routers are very much better than others, and depending on the layout of your computers a cheap model might be a total waste of money.

My personal preference is for a Netgear wireless router which has a built in cable/DSL modem. This will cost you £104 (inclusive of VAT) from click here It comes with a 128bit WEP encryption algorithm, so no worries about "pesky neighbours" - not that your wireless signal is likely to reach that far anyway.

All you need then (as you correctly said) is a wireless network adapter for each machine. This doesn't have to take the form of an internal card, there are some very neat little USB models available which makes installation a breeze.

  TheTerminator 23:28 21 Dec 2003

That looks like the one. I suggest you go to bed now and take a well earned rest!

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