Wireless networking help please.

  Legolas 10:22 27 Jun 2003

I have an NTL Broadband connection via a broadband modem and a simple two computer network using a router and two ethernet cards and a length of straight through cable.

I am now toying with the idea of changing to a wireless network can anyone give me some advice as to what I need and how to set it up.

  Legolas 13:40 27 Jun 2003


  Forum Editor 19:34 27 Jun 2003

and welcome to the wonderful Digital World of wireless networking.

This is my ideal setup for your configuration:

1. Draytek Vigor 2200WE wireless access point and router - particularly suitable for NTL cable modems.

2. A couple of Draytek Vigor 510 USB external wireless adapters.

That's all you'll need - simply install the USB adapters and connect the NTL modem to the 2200WE. Run the software, configure the network, and away you go. The setup is very simple, and the software will do it all for you.

Overall cost? About £250 +VAT

You can explore the hardware (and order online) if you
click here

Good luck, and don't hesitate to come back to the thread if you need more information/help.

Other forum members may have alternative setups to recommend - my suggestions are based on my own experience.

  Legolas 10:26 28 Jun 2003

I am not really wanting to do remote computing my reason for thinking about wifi is to rid myself of the cable.

Can I have a wireless router that can also be wired via patch 5 cable to an ordinary ethernet card in my host machine and a wireless pci card in the client machine?

  Forum Editor 10:41 28 Jun 2003

that I recommended can do exactly that Legolas,it has a 10/100BASET switch hub built in - one of the reasons it's so appropriate. You can use it with wired or wireless network components.

  Legolas 10:47 28 Jun 2003

Thanks FE. The point I am unclear about is do I need a wireless pci card in both computers or just in the client computer.

  Legolas 19:43 28 Jun 2003

Thanks everyone for the advice. I think I will it as it is for the moment till I have more cash. I would like to do away with the cables but it is not a priority.

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