Wireless networking help!

  [DELETED] 06:35 27 Jan 2006

I bought this router from dabs with a buffalo wireless card. Have set the wired part up ok, have 2 computers connected to it, cable modem (NTL) is plugged into the modem and works fine on both. Setting up the wireless part however is causing a bit of a headache! Followed the router instruction for the security part, installed the cd stuff and plugged the card in, the laptop finds the card but doesnt seem to be detecting a signal from the router. Laptop is running 98SE! card model is WLI2-CB-G54L

Can anyone help? This is doing my head in now!

  [DELETED] 07:02 27 Jan 2006

Is the card in the W98 laptop 'enabled'? Is the card 'radio' turned ON? Is the Wireless Router WiFi turned on? Is the card 'scanning' to find the router? Is the card set to 'ad hoc' rather than 'infrastructure'? What channel have you set the WiFi Router to operate on (try another channel).Not been difficult, but it is much easier with XP+SP2.

  Forum Editor 07:38 27 Jan 2006

so I'll move it there now.

  [DELETED] 21:47 27 Jan 2006

Thank you forum editor!

The card is plugged in and on. I have a light to power but not to link. According to the settings, wireless radio is enabled on the router. I have no idea how to turn the card radio on, there doesn't appear to be a way to do it. Scanning with the airstation client manager yields no connections to connect to. The card is set to infrastructure. Its running on channel 11, changing channels to 9 had no effect. unfortunately not really willing to pay microsoft £200 for the pants that is windows xp plus laptop wouldn't run it.

In the buffalo airstation manager, the part of it that could indicate signal levels, there is a red circle with a line through it, does this mean there is a signal.

I read something about setting up a "base station" there is a utility on the provided disk for this, however, it will not run on any of my machines, saying there is a firewall blocking it.

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