Wireless Networking: Health Risks?

  Gary 09:22 23 Mar 2004

I'm thinking of setting up a wireless network at home. Can anyone confirm whether there are any health risks associated with wireless signals?

  SANTOS7 09:33 23 Mar 2004

Hi Gary page145 of pca 106 has the answer you are looking for

  Jakey boy 09:35 23 Mar 2004

Are you serious? I don't mean to trivialise your concerns, but...............ARE YOU SERIOUS!!.....Sorry, I don't think a little wireless home network is going to pose a serious health risk, honest!

  JerryJay 10:46 23 Mar 2004

Do you use cordless/wireless/DEC phone in your home? Wireless network use the same frequency band as dec phone. I think that transmission energy must be similar.

If you are worry, only switch it on when you need it and do not put any wireless device close to your head.

The problem is that it is almost impossible to prove no health risk, just same as mobile phones. But mobile phones use higher frequency and transmission energy is much big because phones need to communicate with base station from a long distance and also people put phone close to their head.

  Gary 21:30 10 Aug 2004

I'm still interested in people's thoughts on this. I'm about to buy a laptop and wireless networking at home would be very useful. However, I'm still not convinced one way or the other about health risks. Do you use Wi-Fi? Are you worried that it may affect your health? Please let me know your thoughts!!



  VoG II 21:37 10 Aug 2004

I have no concerns whatsoever. Do you have concerns about using a radio?

  Valvegrid 21:47 10 Aug 2004

No problem, the output power of WiFi is 100mW or 0.1 Watts, compaired to the mobile phone with power levels of between 0.5 - 4 Watts which you put up to your ear 'ole, you are unlikely to do that with WiFi.

  Valvegrid 22:04 10 Aug 2004

By the way, the inverse square law applies to radio frequencies, since doubling the distance gives a four fold reduction in signal power, so the field strength from a WiFi antenna will be extremely low.

In case anyone wants a bit of theory:

click here

  TTP 22:16 10 Aug 2004

I still cant get mine to work - let alone worry about health risks ! Its nice to see somebody remembers physics & maths from school. I personnaly dont think it can do much harm unless you stand with your earhole on the antennea for 20 days !

  Gary 22:53 10 Aug 2004

Thanks to all those who've replied.

Re. using a radio -- as far as I know, no radio broadcasts use Ghz frequencies, but WiFi uses 2.4Ghz??

Looking forward to further comments,


  Gaz 25 23:59 10 Aug 2004

and was a little worried.

No health problems so far! On 24/7

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