Is wireless networking different from bluetooth?

  drab 16:34 12 Jan 2003
  drab 16:34 12 Jan 2003

Well,is it?

  Forum Editor 17:07 12 Jan 2003

very much so.

Although it is wireless in nature Bluetooth technology requires that special Bluetooth-enabled hardware is used. You'll find the special Bluetooth connector on many (if not most) new laptops, but don't try to plug any wireless network adapters into it, becaue it won't work.

Bluetooth has not really been the success that was envisaged.

  drab 11:29 13 Jan 2003

Sorry,maybe i should have been more explicit.What i meant was,does it have the same data transfer abilities as 10/100,or is it no good for connecting 2 machines together for internet access etc.I am desperate to find out as i am about to set up a small wireless network in two adjoining rooms and bluetooth would be a good option if it works.

  €dstow 11:37 13 Jan 2003

The popularity of Bluetooth can be judged by the paucity of responses!;-))


  €dstow 11:45 13 Jan 2003

Or, put another way

Bluetooth = White Elephant.

Don't see that it's really viable to install a system that has so few adherants. Sign of its demise, I think.


  Kate B 11:56 13 Jan 2003

I'm rather a fan of Bluetooth, actually. I'm using a Sony Clie with a Bluetooth Memory Stick teamed with a Sony Ericsson T68i, and it's great. I'm about to include Bluetooth on a new PC, partly to avoid the USB connection between the PDA and the PC; and I may even go mad and try a Bluetooth printer.

I'd love to use it as the basis for a small PAN at home, I just want to cut down on the wires between my various devices, and wish more bits and pieces supported it.

  drab 12:50 13 Jan 2003

Cor blimey,not popular?Idont care!Ican buy the bits i want cheaply and easily,but will it do what i want?

  MalcSP 14:01 13 Jan 2003

I'm surprised at the tone of your response to people trying to help you. After all, if Edstow had said 'Yes' and nothing else you would have been none the wiser. As it is you (and I) have been enlightened by an intelligent response.

  €dstow 14:45 13 Jan 2003

Another one for my "never respond to" list.


  gilla 15:04 13 Jan 2003

I am interested in bluetooth to connect keyboard and mouse wirelessly. I understand that other methods such as infra red sensors can cause interferance if placed too close to monitors

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