Wireless Networking Advice Needed

  ardubbleyu 09:40 04 Feb 2010

Hi Everyone,

I currently have a BT Voyager 220V router connected by a long phone extension cable to the BT socket in an adjacent room to the PC. The router is connected to the PC by an RJ45 cable. Her indoors is complaining about the wires, so the question is, can I connect a wireless modem/router (such as the Belkin Wireless N+) to the BT socket, and using a dongle of some sort, get internet access on the PC without any wires? What kind of speed would I get? (the current set up gives me about 4/5 gbps)

Thanks for any advice...


  Quiller. 10:30 04 Feb 2010

"can I connect a wireless modem/router (such as the Belkin Wireless N+) to the BT socket" "using a dongle of some sort, get internet access on the PC without any wires?"


If you use a N+ you should not loose to much speed. probably 3-4 Mbps.

  awest3 10:35 04 Feb 2010

You will of course not get the speeds as if you were connect by wire to the router, mine gets about 54mbps. I connected my router to the BT socket, installed a wireless network card in the desktop,. when it found the available networks I just clicked on to mine (you sometimes get others coming up if they are close) typed in the password for the router (I use WPA, you can choose which you want in your router admin features), It must be protected otherwise others can get onto your network. and that was it really.

  ardubbleyu 10:39 04 Feb 2010

Thanks for the responses so far - I've been trawling round and have discovered these devices that enable you to run data over your electric ring main. Anyone got any thing god/bad to say about these?



  Quiller. 10:41 04 Feb 2010

You are using a G standard router and the speed of the router is 54Mbps. This is not the internet connection speed.

A N+ router would have a connection speed twice that of a G standard e.g. 108mbps but the internet connection will depend on the phone line, ISP contract and distance from the exchange. A N+ standard will give a slightly faster and longer WiFi range over a G standard.

  awest3 11:46 05 Feb 2010

Yep..just stating how I achieved wifi to my desktop without wires...The wireless router speed is suposed to be 108 mbps but the max I get is 54..

  oldbeefer2 13:39 05 Feb 2010

Homeplugs work very well. More info click here

  kjrider 19:29 05 Feb 2010

If you are near me, I have got a Belkin Wireless G router going spare. It connects with a RJ11 plug lead to the modem - not the usual RJ45 that most have.


  john bunyan 19:37 05 Feb 2010

I believe these have to be on the same circuit to work well - in my case the upstairs where the PC is , is on a seperate circuit to downstairs.

  TB100 21:18 21 Mar 2010

Can anyone help me. Have got BT HomeHub and Belkin N Wireless Adaptor on Desktop pc which is working fine away from hub so no probs there. But have XBox 360 well away from BT hub so PC world recommended installing Belkin N Wireless Modem Router on desktop pc to get better wireless connection to XBOX.

Got new PC and have installed router onto it fine and got BT Broadband connected on for internet. But desktop is going to be away from bt box so router will not be in a phone line. PCW said once router set up can move desktop and would work but it isn't! Anyone can help? Desktop internet works fine without router but when router plugged in via cable to pc won't work.

Probably being extremely dumb but do know bit about pc's etc. Help!!

  john bunyan 22:31 21 Mar 2010

Suggest you start a new thread in networking

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