Wireless Networking Advice

  skenth 14:11 04 Jul 2003


I have three PC's at home and wish to network them, therefore I need some advice on what I need to do to setup a wireless network.
1. what equipment I need and what each piece of equipment does.
2. Is configuration of the LAN the same a traditional wire Cat 5 LAN?



  SEASHANTY 16:03 04 Jul 2003

Lots of basic info at this website on "Howstuffworks" Try this <click here> and there are many more if you just key in WIRELESS NETWORKS on the Google website. You could also peruse robin walkers NTL site at <click here>

  SEASHANTY 16:49 04 Jul 2003

Another link to try perhaps with a bit more easy to understand info is Homenethelp <click here>

  jazzypop 18:13 04 Jul 2003

See also click here and click here

1. You need a wireless network card for each PC. They can be set up as an ad-hoc, peer-to-peer network, and they will all be able to see each other's files, share printers etc.

If you want them to be able to share a broadband internet access, I recommend a wireless router - Netgear or D-Link.

2. Yes

  SEASHANTY 20:50 04 Jul 2003

You could also check out all these previous threads on PCA by entering "NETWORKING AND SEARCH in the Helproom search section. Selecting ALL DISCUSSIONS and READ TITLES & ALL POSTINGS which will bring up 29 discussion threads. Here click here

  SEASHANTY 20:52 04 Jul 2003

Regrettably the link will not work. Possibly because its on the same thread.

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