Wireless networking

  anoop31 18:44 27 Mar 2003

I would like to network my PC (running windowsME) and my Apple iBook. can any one tell what kind of equipment i would need to do this. and which companies are the best to go for.

Thnk U

  Inigo 19:11 27 Mar 2003

You should basically need a wireless network card in each computer. For laptops, they come in PCMCIA format, and for desktops there's USB ones. Don't know if they do internal cards...

As far as I know, the Apple wireless network cards should work fine with PC ones. They're probably the best you can get for an Apple machine, plus they fit entirely inside the laptop without sticking out.

With the PC, I think there's any number of companies you can go with. I use a USB adaptor from Bluetake, and it seems to be giving me nothing but hell to get it working with the card in my laptop...

If you're wanting a fairly fast network, then you can go for the new 802.11g format - 54Mb/s. Apple've got a standard card for this for your laptop, and I think Buffalo are the only company doing them for your PC. The normal kind is 802.11b which works at 11Mb/s. There's also 902.11a, which I'd stay away from - it's incompatible with Apple's...

  anoop31 22:52 27 Mar 2003

thk you for that. i would appercaite if nay one has any more advice or information to give me.

one of my mates said that one pc must be wired to the router. is this true. do i need a router or wot they called access points or wot its all confusing.

another Q? i have a usb ADSL modem, from BTopenworld. how can i connect to the net on my Apple ibook.

thk Anoop

  jazzypop 23:12 27 Mar 2003

click here for an excellent Mac<->PC site

  50pence-InDaPub 23:20 27 Mar 2003

thk for that gud points for me to look into.


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