bigdan676 00:55 27 May 2006

hi, could anyone help me with a wireless network?
i am thinking of getting broadband as i am still on dial up (no laughing please). I am going to get AOL broadand soon, My two pcs are both running windows xp pro,i have got the network cable RJ45 for the desktops and the network cards.i want to share the internet connection with the computers. i have seen this and was woundering if this would do the job

Belkin ADSL2+ Modem with High-Speed Mode Wireless-G Router with 125mbps wireless

Could someone please help me
Thank you very much

  Ross Murray 04:50 27 May 2006


I'm not an expert by any means, although I will try and answer. You say that you have "RJ45 for the desktops" which allows me to assume that you were going to connect them both to the router with cable? If so this is not necessary. You do not need to connect any of the pc's using wires as both should connect wirelessly to the router, if you have got wireless adoptors for each PC.

Your AOL's Silver broadband should work fine with the router and it would simply be a case of plugging the ADSL cable into the router and entering the account username and password.

Then assuming thats ok, you should set up Wireless Encryption to protect your security. I'm sure other members have written guides on how to do this. WPA is the most secure option to use.

Then assuming everything is ok, run the windows xp network wizzard to set up the network.

  Ross Murray 04:50 27 May 2006

Forgot to say,

The router mentioned should be fine.

  marsman 09:07 27 May 2006

I would go for Linksys, not Belkin, look at all the problems people have with Belkin.

  ade.h 12:41 27 May 2006

Let's put that to bed; most Belkin "problems" are down to user error, the same as most other router issues. I have set up enough Belkins to know that they are damn near perfect if done right. They are more position sensitive and more equipment sensitive than others; two things that people seem to neglect too readily.

Ross Murray - you state that you are not an expert, so I would not necessarily expect you to know the following. Belkin routers, like most routers, must have their first-time config performed over an Ethernet connection. Any subsequent wireless-related changes *must* be performed in the same manner, otherwise you *will* crash the router. A *minority* of routers can be first-time configured over an already active wireless link.

Bigdan676 - I think you would have to justify a need for ADSL2+ and/or boosted wifi speeds in order to justify the additional cost of the 7633 over the 7632. Personally, if I'm not working on or using a 7632, I like to be using a 3Com or a Linksys. The 3Coms are particularly excellent value for money - click here
for example - and are very well made. 3Com's longstanding position in networking has stood it in good stead.

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