Wireless networking

  loopyloo 14:35 19 Apr 2006

I have NTL broadband and the modem is in the lounge. My desktop computer is in another downstairs room. I wish to purchase a wireless laptop computer to be able to use on the internet in other rooms, but still also to be able to use the internet on my desktop. Can someone tell me in simple terms what equipment I will need and aprox. how much it will all cost for wireless networking. I keep asking various people but it seems all too confusing and complicated to set it all up.

  mgmcc 14:50 19 Apr 2006

You don't say how your existing desktop, in a separate room from the modem, is currently connected but presumably you have an ethernet cable running between the two.

The hardware that you will need to add a wireless laptop is a "Wireless Cable/DSL Router". This will connect by ethernet cable to the Cable Modem's ethernet port and your existing computer can connect to one of its LAN ports. A wireless enabled laptop can then connect to the router wirelessly.

The cost of a wireless router should be around £50. Be very careful if you are using Cable Broadband *not* to get a combined "Router & ADSL Modem". These are only suitable for use with ADSL delivered via the phone line and cannot connect to a Cable service.

  Rocker 14:59 19 Apr 2006

i got ntl broadband on a wireless network useing a linksys router and a usb adapter it cost £49.99 from pc world can be bought from a store or click here you just plug your router to your pc the modem to the router the usb adapter to the other pc install the softeare then your up and runnihg

  loopyloo 15:04 19 Apr 2006

Ref Rocker. I saw this linksys advertised in the paper today. As I said my modem is in a different room to my desktop computer. Can I still do the above as you mentioned.

  Rocker 15:09 19 Apr 2006

yes it will work my modem is in the liveing room with my pc the other pc is in my sons bedroom with the usb adapter and it all works fine

  loopyloo 15:17 19 Apr 2006

Sorry I may seem thick but I still don't understand. My modem is in the lounge installed next to the tv where it was orginally placed by NTL to serve tv. Since then my computer has been installed in the living room,and NTl fitted a stand alone modem in the place of the orignal in the lounge to give my computer internet services. How will this operate with my laptop. And how can I plug the router into my pc as well as the modem into the router because they are in different room.

  mgmcc 17:41 19 Apr 2006

The router connects by ethernet cable to the modem. Either or both computers can then connect "wirelessly" to the router, even though they are in a different room. If necessary, a Wireless Network adapter would have to be installed in the Desktop PC to let it connect wirelessly.

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