Wireless Networking 2 PCs and Blueyonder Broadband

  Geeky_Ali 19:37 30 Apr 2003

I'm trying to help a mate with this one.
Trying to share a blueyonder broadband connection between 2 PCs.
Don't require sharing files between the PCs just this connection.
One PC runs XP the other Windows 98
Broadband connection is connected to an Intel wireless network hub/router. This is connected by cable to the network card on the XP PC. The Intel wireless hub has built in software which should allow the user to configure the connection by accessing via it's IP address.

This worked first time but ever since my friend can't access this and he was unable to set it up properly before.

Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be and how we could access the software on the hub again? Might the hub be faulty? It appears to be working (the hub) with lights flashing but not much else happening. Connecting the PC direct to the broadband connection still works.

  kane_2002k 19:55 30 Apr 2003

try switching the connection method for the xp and 98 pc and see what happens.

  kane_2002k 19:57 30 Apr 2003

check that u have clonced the mac address of the network card into the router, or have registered the routers mac address with blueyonder.

  kane_2002k 19:58 30 Apr 2003

soz router = hub, got confused

  Geeky_Ali 21:43 30 Apr 2003

Okay, thanks kane. I'll give that a go and see what happens. Fingers tightly crossed!

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