Wireless networking

  ramsay29 20:25 10 Oct 2004

My son is buying a laptop for university. He wants to be able to network with home pc which runs cable broadband. What do I need to buy for laptop and pc to make this possible, and are there any recommendations which are reasonably priced solutions to this.

Sorry if this is a bit basic but I am new to the concept of networking.

  easyrider 20:35 10 Oct 2004

It will depend on how you want to set up your network probably the cheapest and easiest solution would be to buy wireless card for PC and for laptop. Make sure that you buy the same manufacturer of both cards. Another solution would be to buy a wireless modem/router and a card for the laptop and connect the modem/router to the PC by ethernet cable.

  georgemac 20:39 10 Oct 2004

the most basic setup would be 2 wireless adaptors. A new laptop should come wi fi enabled so it would just be a card for the pc.

click here some info click here some more.

All these articles mention routers - I have a router connected by cable to the main pc with the broadband connection. The other pc has a plug in usb wireless adaptor which connects to the wirelss router. My setup is the 'g' standard which transmits data at up to 54 Mbps - good for transferring data between the 2 machines but not needed for sharing a broadband connection - the 'b' standard equipment costs less & would be OK for this. click here this is the one I have and came with the free usb adaptor.

A router provides a hardware firewall and would stop anyone (hacker) being ables to access your pc, but this is highly unlikely anyway.

The cheapest option is to buy a pci wireless adaptor for the pc, and connect wirelessly to the wireless adaptor in the laptop and use internet connection sharing to share the broadband access. Wait for other's, I am pretty sure this would work but have never tried it.

Wired can connect 2 pc's with just a cross over cable without a hub, so I'm sure this is an option.

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