Wireless Networking

  matt45 22:55 26 Dec 2003

NTL recommend getting their wireless networking bundle for use with their broadband internet access but it only has a data transfer rate of 11Mbp/s. Is this enough?

The address of the NTL page recommending the pacakge is: click here

  Dearersteak 23:14 26 Dec 2003

This all depends. While its only 11mb, remember that NTL's top board band speed is only 1mb.

Also it depends on how much speed you need. If you’re planning on playing the latest games over your network (that’s to say NOT to the internet) then you may find you'll want something faster. Cable based networks will run from 100mb to even a 1gig. But if you still want to go wireless, then you can get an 802.11g standard networking kit. This is backward compatibly with the 11b standard (11Mb wireless) but the .11g networks work at 54Mb a second which is about 5 times faster than the .11b networks.

But it all depends on what your planning on using your network for.

  matt45 09:35 27 Dec 2003

So, if we just want to access the internet from any room in the house and transfer files between PC's, then 11Mbp/s would be enough?

  Forum Editor 09:53 27 Dec 2003

11mb per second is the maximum speed allowed for an 802.11b network, and that will be fine for the use you intend.

  matt45 11:40 27 Dec 2003

If I connect ot the wireless network using a USB Adapter, will that give reduced speed?

  Forum Editor 11:47 27 Dec 2003

It's important to realise that although your network will be capapble of running at 11mbps it won't run at that speed in normal use.

Transfer speed is governed by many factors, and you will not notice any appreciable difference if you use a USB adapter.

  matt45 12:43 27 Dec 2003

Right, well I've been surfing around and I have decided to buy from "ebuyer". I can afford to buy either the 11Mbp/s or 54Mbp/s model but if the usb adapter can only recieve at a maximum of 11Mbp/s is there any point in getting the faster model?

  LeadingMNMs 12:51 27 Dec 2003

Why use a USB adapter, can you not use a PCI card or PCMCIA card that are capable of running at the 54Mbps. A wireless PCMCIA card for a laptop is available from ebuyer by click here . A wireless PCI card is available by click here . You might be able to find cheaper ones, I just had a quick look.

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