Wireless networking

  accord 09:44 01 Nov 2003

I have seen numerous threads on this forum detailing the difficulties with setting up a wireless network between two pcs.

It concerns me that, with networking being the buzz word at the moment in the home IT market, there is so many people having problems with it. I am wanting to set up a home wifi network but am holding back until the installation set up becomes easier, when that will be i dont know.

So many threads are indicating problems with the two pcs speaking with eachother, is this because of poor set up manuals or a case of installing it without reading the manual first, we have all done this a new video player havent we.

My point to this is surely the manufacturers of the routers, hubs, etc etc must make it plain and simple to set up, afterall it is in their best interest to do so, as word of mouth is a powerful advertising tool.

Let us know your thoughts on this popular subject


  SEASHANTY 10:17 01 Nov 2003

Wireless networks are nowhere near as fast as hard wired networks and a great deal depends on the location of the PC's. You may have to experiment until you find a suitable setup. Not only does it depend on the distance but also the composition of the walls and the thickness that the signal must travel through. If at all possible use a hard wired network. Its cheaper to set up, faster and causes nowhere near as many problems as wireless networks.
However, masses of information can be obtained by visiting the Google website and searching for -
Wireless Networking.

  accord 13:20 01 Nov 2003

i think you may have missed the point there seashanty, my question is why do so many people have trouble setting up a wired or wireless network???

  Forum Editor 13:53 01 Nov 2003

I think I should dispel the popular myth that conventional wired networks cause "nowhere near as many problems as wireless networks" because it simply isn't true. I have spent a working lifetime in computing, and during that time I must have set up hundreds of wired networks. Wireless networking is an absolute breeze by comparison.

What most people perceive as problems with the network infrastructure - wired or wireless - are almost always problems with the operating system(s), and nothing to do with the hardware at all.

I can set up the hardware for a wireless network in less than half an hour, but the software side of it may take far longer - the same thing applies to wired networks. The Internet connection sharing side of it is no problem, and provided you have the right hardware it will happen almost without your intervention. On the network side - when you want to share files and resources there may be 'issues' as Microsoft would call them, and they are nearly always related to permissions. Provided you follow the Windows networking wizard to the letter, and ideally have the same operating system on all machines it should be a straightforward exercise.

  accord 16:48 01 Nov 2003


Thnaks for the reply.

I should have mentioned that it is mainly the software side of things which causes problems and not the hardware.

Any more comments out there???

  JimT 17:11 01 Nov 2003

I'm interested in setting up a wireless network for two PCs both running W XP and using BT Broadband.

Would it be advisable to use the hardware which BT offer. If it doesn't matter, can anyone recommend the appropriate hardware, please.

  zipdrive 17:53 01 Nov 2003


I setup a wireless LAN between my PC and my son's PC. I did this as I wanted to share out the broadband connection I have. I have also recently purchased a wireless adaptor for my wife's laptop and added it to the existing network with no problems.

I used Belkin kit in the end. I used two 11MBs Wireless USB adaptors in an Ad-Hoc setup. I must say it took a while to setup, but now its working he can access Internet pages just as fast as I can?

You can now get the latest 54MB adaptors for about ?45.00 each

This link is useful if you decide to follow the same route as me click here

There are some important points to remember

Each PC requires a static IP address in the range 192.168.2.***

Set each adaptor to use 128-bit Encryption and generate a passphase

You need to run the networking wizard in XP

If using a firewall like Zone Alarm you have to add in the other PC into the "trusted Zone" and lower the "Internet and Trusted zone security" to Medium.

Be very careful as to what folders you share out from your hard drive to the other PC.

I hope the about is of use to you.

  JimT 18:10 01 Nov 2003

Thanks very much zipdrive.

  accord 16:21 02 Nov 2003


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