Wireless Network - What exactly do I need

  RedKMan 19:34 31 Oct 2007

I've been reading various beginner guides and have got a bit confused.

At the moment my desktop PC runs WIN XP. It connects to the Internet via an ADSL Speedtouch Modem.

I am getting a Vista latop and want to be able to connect to the Internet using that. The latop has the following items fitted:-

UK Modem Cable and Adapter Internal V.92 Data, Fax, Voice Functions

Intel® Pro Wireless 3945 802.11a/b/g Mini-PCI Card EUR

From my understanding I think I need a wireless router. I've read that the standard wireless routers do not have USB connections so you could not connect your existing modem to them. So I'll need a Wireless ADSL modem router which means my current modem is spare parts?

I then also need a wireless adapter for both computers. Or do I just need the one for the desktop PC as the laptop has the Intel Pro Wireless thingy? I was thinking about going with a USB type wireless adapter so I don't have to install a card in my desktop. Is this a suitable way to do things?

I was thinking about going with NetGear stuff.

Would really appreciate any help on this. Once I know what I need I'm sure I can follow the instructions that they come with.

Sorry for the long post.

  Ashrich 19:41 31 Oct 2007

If you have the wireless router near the PC then that will connect via an Ethernet cable no need for any other wireless kit , as the laptop has an adapter built in , this is providing your main PC has a network port , just about all reasonably modern ones do nowadays . When set up and properly secured with either WEP or WPA encryption you will then be able to connect the laptop wirelessly either with or without the main PC being turned on .


  RedKMan 19:54 31 Oct 2007

Thanks for the reply.

The main PC is my desktop PC which I mention above. Not sure if my main PC has a network port though? There are two what appear to be ports with the writing IEEE1394 next to each? They look like network ports but I might be wrong here?

What do I do if it doesn't have a network port, then do I have to get a network card?

  RedKMan 20:02 31 Oct 2007

I just looked at DeviceManager and it indicates the following:-

Network Adapters:

1394 Net Adapter #3 (But it has a red cross over it)

Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC

Speedtouch USB ADSL PPP

Does this mean all I need is a wireless router and an ethernet lead to connect the router to the main desktop pc?

  Ashrich 21:33 31 Oct 2007

Yep , that's all you'll need , the Realtek is the Ethernet adapter , so you can connect to the router through that !! . Any problems setting it up , you know where to come ...


  Ashrich 21:34 31 Oct 2007

As you said in your first post , a wireless ADSL modem/router...


  RedKMan 21:42 31 Oct 2007

Will I need the Ethernet cable or is it just a case of the router connects to the Network Port of the Main desktop PC?

  Ashrich 00:29 01 Nov 2007

It connects to the main PC via an ethernet cable going from the ADSL router to the network port , it will come with the cable in the box , really , that's all you'll need !


  RedKMan 18:11 01 Nov 2007

Just wondering if anyone can suggest a good router? There seems to be a bit of a problem with a lot of the NetGear stuff. Some say its great some say its poor. Is it a case of hit and miss?

  Ashrich 21:36 01 Nov 2007

Everything is hit and miss , Belkin seems to be having a few problems ( in my opinion ) as well , personally I like ZyXel kit , and D-Link , although quite a few people swear by Linksys . I think that some of the problems that people complain about with Netgear is from the customised firmware that ISP's put on them , a plain retail boxed one should be Ok .


  mcut 21:46 01 Nov 2007

i have just bought a d-link dir-635 - this is cable only router, you will need adsl. purpose of my post is to say i set the d-link up from scratch within 25 mins. very easy quick set up guide is included.

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