Wireless Network using AOL Voyager Modem

  forbes1229 21:55 02 Sep 2003

I want to set up a small wireless network at home. I have a desktop and laptop both on W98SE. The desk top has a broadband connection through the above USB modem. I was intending to buy the Linksys BEFW11S4 router but in reading various articles I get the impression that this will not work with a USB modem. Is this right?

If it is right does anyone have a suggestion of what router to buy?

All help gratefully received!

  The Sack 22:16 02 Sep 2003

A router is no good as AOL doesnt support networking, what you have to do is use a proxy click here and AFAIK use 2 wireless NICs and run the 2 PCs peer to peer, the only problem is the main PC needs to be on and connected to the net for it the second one to access the net.

Please dont take this gospel, it is just the way i see it :-)

  forbes1229 18:42 03 Sep 2003

Thanks for your reply.

I thought that the router was the connection to the internet so that as far as AOL is concerned they only have 1 account (1 IP address from the router) using the net. Both of my PCs access the net through the router but they are invisible to AOL.

Does my limited understanding of the subject fail me completely here :-)

  harry_b 18:53 03 Sep 2003

click here

some info for you there, personally though i would go with an isp that will support your attempts to connect to their network!.

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