Wireless network troubles

  Martin-303092 10:14 11 Jan 2005

I've just set up a network with my desktop wired into a Netgear DG834GT router and a laptop with a WG511T wireless card. I've managed to get the two connected to the router and internet quite easily and set up the WEP but I'm not sure how to share files between the computers.

Can anybody help me with this please? Am I missing something obvious?



  steven_frost 10:27 11 Jan 2005

what OS are you using

  Mikè 10:38 11 Jan 2005
  tims31 10:46 11 Jan 2005

If you are using XP run the wireless networking wizard in SP2. Set these up on both machines and it should work ok. A word of advise, I ran these on my machines and it still didn't work. I had disabled both my zonealarm fire wall and AVG antivirus software.
I then found out that you had to actually uninstall them both, run the set up wizard and then reinstall the firewall and antivirus software. Also disable windows firewall while doing this might make things easier. If your worried about having no firewall while doing this just disconnect your modem form the phone line.

Hope this is of some help

  LeadingMNMs 11:51 11 Jan 2005

As tims31 points out, disabling any firewalls during the setup is a good idea. However there should be no need to uninstall the firewall (and the antivirus). Most firewalls will have some sort of setting to allow internal network traffic, either by adding IP addresses to a 'trusted zone' or by way of another setting.

  Martin-303092 12:27 11 Jan 2005

Cheers guys

I'll give that a go when I get home.

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