Is wireless network stable? or unstable?

  alexnoel 09:25 24 May 2006

Is wireless connection stable? or unstable?

Can you give me some experience regarding wireless network connection.

Thanks a lot......

More power to us wifi users!!!!!

  keewaa 10:14 24 May 2006

It completely depends on the environment and varies from location to location. Things like walls, metal, dect phones, microwaves etc all can degrade and interfere with the signla.

  ade.h 15:48 24 May 2006

Mine is extremely rock-solid; 100% reliable. Depends how you set it up, where you set it up and with what equipment.

  Danoh 18:18 24 May 2006

Mine is very stable now.

At the start I did experience occasional (every few days) connection problems which required the router to be powered down/back up or soft reset/reboot.

Having read that routers could do this when they overheat, I ensured there is easy air-flow under the router by placing supports underneath.
I've had 100% stable, always-on operations for well over 2 months ever since.

So through a process of elimination, problems with wireless network stability could all be resolved.
Obviously these variables do not come into play for wired network connections. But the benefits of wireless connectivity makes the efforts well worthwhile IMHO.

  alexnoel 12:15 25 May 2006

Here in the Philippines, we have an ISP providing wifi hotzone. They are using wireless routers that is capable of meshing to another wireless router. I had a bad experienced in the wireless network, because of the unstability of there connections.
Can you give me some more ideas in this kind of network? The serve of this ISP sucks.

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