Wireless Network Speed

  Seadog 00:11 18 May 2005

I have two computers connected wirelessly to a belkin router that is in turn connected to a cable modem for internet access only, I do not need/have a home network for transferring or sharing files. I've got a Shuttle Sb65G2 with wireless networking (Prism wlan on a USB connection) built in and the speed the computer reports that it is connected to the Belkin router is 2Mb/s. My sons computer is also connected wirelessly to the same router (with a Belkin PCI card) but his is reported as being connected at 54Mb/s. A friend that said my connection should be faster than it is, is this so? Does it really matter? My internet connection is only 1Mb so having a connection speed of 2Mb is surely ok? Or is it because the Shuttle system is a slower (11b instead of 11g????) type of connection. Is it possible to change it. The signal strength is reported as "excellent" for both computers.....................

  Strawballs 00:22 18 May 2005

The 11b is slower than the 11g which could account for your slower speed on the shuttle if you wish to transfer files you would be better useing the router for your Lan if not then it won't matter as it is faster than your internet connection.

  Seadog 00:28 18 May 2005

That's what I thought, my connection is slower. BUT is there a difference of 52 Mb/s? Is mine supposed to run at 2Mb/s whereas my sons runs at 54 Mb/s. Seems a hell of a difference to me, I knew the newer standard was faster but this is 37 times faster!

  Strawballs 00:37 18 May 2005

Not sure if it is suppose to be that much of a difference, mine is 54MB/s wireless and 100MB/s wired.

  dan11 00:56 18 May 2005

54Mb/s is the speed of a G wifi card, 11 Mb/s is standard for B WiFi and has no resemblance to your download speed. The same with strawballs wired lan card, that will be a 100Mb/s card. These are maximum speeds the cards can communicate with.

The laptop may drop to 2Mb/s due to signal strength. You are better off doing one of the many internet speed tests to establish the true download speed of your internet connection.click here

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