Wireless Network Solution?

  fitshase 00:47 17 Jun 2003

I am running a wireless LAN in the house:-

1 x Netgear FM114P router

1 x Desktop machine (XP Pro) wired to the router

1 x Laptop (XP Pro) with Actiontec 802.11b PCMCIA card

Looking through the router's settings, I can set the router to act as an Access Point for trusted PC's or for All Wireless Stations.

Also, I can set a bridge to the wired LAN in order to allow wireless stations to access the LAN. If I switch the bridge off, the wireless stations can still access the internet but not the LAN.

This set me wondering about the possibility.....

to enable me to allow access to the LAN from only a defined set of wireless stations?

i.e., laptop 1 can access the internet and the LAN; and laptops 2,3 and 4 can access the internet but NOT the LAN.

A few of my friends now have laptops with wireless cards. I want to enable them access to the internet while they are staying here, but not allow them to see the other computers on the network or their files (i.e., my desktop and laptop).

I know I cannot do it with the router's own settings. I do not want to go down the route of adding loads of passwords to the shared folders on my own computers.

Does anyone know if it is possible?



  jazzypop 01:17 17 Jun 2003

Can you set an 'allowed range' of IP addresses?

If so, set the router to accept (for eaxample) to (submask an allowed range, and get them to change to an IP address in that range.

Of course, this will block your other PCs from the LAN and the Web, but will also block them from accessing your LAN. You then only need to change the IP address of one PC on your LAN to join the party.

It's much quicker and simpler to set an explicit IP address on a PC, than to set up a whole host of security settings on each PC.

My Netgear router's 'allowable range' setting is under LAN setup.

  fitshase 09:47 17 Jun 2003

I have that option on the router settings but it is not what I want to be doing.

Lets say, for example, that I have 3 friends who are staying for the week. They all have laptops with wireless cards. They need to access the internet to send e-mails, etc., to keep abreast with situations in their workplace.

At the same time, I need to be doing work on my laptop (away from my desk using a wireless card) using files located on both the laptop and my desktop, as well as access the internet.

I want to allow them to use the internet but not to "see" my laptop or desktop.

Basically, I want them to be able to only use the internet function of the router while at the same time, I am using the internet AND accessing files on my desktop.



  jazzypop 18:25 17 Jun 2003

I can't think of an easy way of doing that at the moment.

Basically, you want your single router to manage two LANS - one has internet access, as well as access to each other (your 4 laptops). The other has access to the internet and to each other (your laptop and desktop(s)). Your laptop should be able to talk to both LANs.

You are describing a setup that is typically managed by a server, not a router.

Can you not just copy your desktop files that you might need onto your laptop?

Or disconnect your desktop from the router, and create a physical link between the desktop and laptop using a crossover cable for file transfer?

  fitshase 20:34 17 Jun 2003

I think that I might just set a heavy password on the root directory of the laptop and the desktop to stop them snooping at my files.

As for copying the files from the desktop to the laptop - it is possible but not something I want to be going through as it will take ages for transferring the files and cause a headache of making sure that they are synchronised.

I thought that there might be some sort of software that could do the trick but it seems that there is not.

I'll mark this as resolved and start setting the passwords!

I could always just buy another access point and set it up as a separate LAN but that would be a bit costly.

Cheers for your help and advice jazzypop.



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