Wireless Network Signal

  Spock58 19:39 30 Nov 2004

I am using a Linksys WRT54GS router with 2 Safecom 54 Mbps Wireless PCI cards in 2 PCs (from eBuyer). The network is working reasonably well, but the signal strength, as shown by the wireless card software, is very weak. The 2 PCs are only about max 20 feet from the router, and only have plasterboard walls between to disrupt the signal. I would have expected a strong signal with this set up bearing in mind the supposed range of the router. Any suggestions for improvement? I have already tried every permutation of router and PCI card antenna alignment.

  Bob Bob™ 15:56 01 Dec 2004

Make sure the router and the pc's are not near anything the gives off raido signals. This allways contributes in some way. My wireless is wierd. At very low signal strenth it is at 54mbps and at vert good its at 11mbps. Anyway thats a topic for another day. Hope I helped. Live long and prosper

  recap 16:27 01 Dec 2004

I read an article just recently about wireless connections in XP. It suggested that installing SP2 appears to elliminate this problem.

If you are using XP try loading SP2 to see if this resovles the issue.

  Spock58 16:47 01 Dec 2004

I'm cerainly not aware of anything nearby that gives off radio signal (unless the Romulans are bugging me), and I am already on SP2 with both PCs. The only difference I found on loading SP2 was that the icon in the launch bar changed! I appreciate the response.

  Tog_ 17:19 01 Dec 2004

Hang on, isn't there a setting in BIOS that allegedly reduces emissions? Though, IIRC it also gives you quite a performance hit.

  Valvegrid 17:47 01 Dec 2004

I would have expected a reasonably stronge signal over that path of 20 feet. You say plasterboard, I wonder if it happens to be foil- backed plasterboard? This would attenuate the signal.

Is it possible to try it in the same room. then try just the other side of the plasterboard wall and see if there's any attenuation?

  computernerdiamnot 18:27 01 Dec 2004

try changing channels for the radio freq

  Spock58 18:34 01 Dec 2004

I've tried moving the router so that there is a direct visual line via 2 open doors to the PC, with hardly any increase in signal. Also the router is about 6 feet from the closest (wired) PC so I can't see any interference from the computer.

  Spock58 18:48 01 Dec 2004

I've tried all 13 channels. Slight variance, but never gets above 'Poor'.

  Bob Bob™ 20:22 01 Dec 2004

No problem

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