wireless network - sharing e-mail accounts

  User-AC598679-1345-46E7-A6CF6A02E79A4D2C 21:26 15 Oct 2004

Thanks in the main to you guys I have surpassed my computer knowledge/ability by succesfully creating a wireless network between my PC (running XP Pro) and my daughters (Win 98SE).

I am now trying to set up an e-mail account for my daughter using my existing broadband account (Plusnet)so that she can receive e-mails directly on her machine for her userid - is this poossible? Any help gratefully appreciated. Not sure if its relevant but I am using a Netgear ADSL DG834G Firewall Router.


  mgmcc 21:50 15 Oct 2004

If she has her own account with your or another ISP, she can retrieve her mail from that via your broadband connection.

In her mail program, she needs to enter her Username, Password, ISP's POP3 server and her email address.

HOWEVER, to SEND mail she will have to enter your Plusnet SMTP server in her settings (although outgoing mail still has her own email address on). The general rule is that you must always send mail using the SMTP server of the ISP you connect to the internet with, regardless of the ISP you retrieve mail from.

  hillybilly 22:16 15 Oct 2004

We have a network of 7 pc's around the house for various reasons, but we also have one Plusnet broadband account and every user has their own plusnet email address/account. So the basic answer to your question yes.

They are not differcult to setup, you would probably find it best to log onto plusnet site, it has excellent help files and guidance to do it. If you then find differcult post back and I'll guide you through.

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