Wireless Network Setup Using a Router

  laurieballard 18:19 04 May 2006

I have a laptop that has a wireless card. I have bought a buffalo router and it only has ethernet ports, whereas my modem uses a usb port. How do i plug my modem into the router if this is the case.

your help would be appreciated



  wobbler 19:00 04 May 2006

Get hold of a USB to ethernet adaptor, hope that helps

  laurieballard 19:03 04 May 2006

i have a wired router that i can plug my usb modem into. could i then run an enternet cable between my wired router and my wireless, meaning the wired router would be acting as a connector between the wireless router and my usb modem???

would this be possible



  Strawballs 01:27 05 May 2006
  dms05 07:23 05 May 2006

Best bet is to return the Buffalo router and swap it for a complete WiFi Router with modem. You could try adding an Access Point to the wired router (with the USB Modem connected) but that may or may not work depending upon the configuration. You could try the new Buffalo Router attached via it's LAN to the old Routers LAN port and see if you can configure the combination - you'd like to use the old router as a network switch but as it has the USB modem attached that may noy be possible. The simplest and least complicated way forward is to exchange the Buffalo for a WiFi ADSL Router with an integrated modem.

  mgmcc 08:15 05 May 2006

If I understand the problem correctly, you cannot connect a USB modem to a router and you have bought a "Cable/DSL Router" that doesn't incorporate an ADSL modem.

You need a combined "Wireless Router & ADSL Modem" to which you can connect the computers either by ethernet cable or wirelessly.

  mgmcc 08:26 05 May 2006

Ignore my last message - I see that, unusually, your particular router does support the connection of a USB modem.

The simple answer then is "Yes", you can daisy-chain the two routers provided they operate in a different subnet (IP address range). The second router's WAN IP address will actually be in the LAN range allocated by the first router, which is why the second router must use and allocate addresses in a different subnet to avoid conflicts.

  woodchip 08:31 05 May 2006

He is asking can he plug a wireless router into a wired router that's plugged into a modem. in effect two router daisy chained

  laurieballard 09:00 05 May 2006

I do have a bt voyager dsl router with built in modem laying around somewhere, but i thought this would not work with an virgin broadband connection (becuase it is a bt modem/router). Am i wrong/right in thinkng this????.

If i downloaded the drivers for this would i be able to use it as a modem, plug it into my wireless router, via thernet and bin my usb speedtouch that came with my virgin connection, please help???



  woodchip 09:48 05 May 2006

Any Modem Router that is a DSL will work with all DSL ISP providers

  mgmcc 11:42 05 May 2006

Some BT Voyager Routers supplied as part of a BT Broadband package are "crippled" so that they cannot be used with any other ISP. They will only function when a BT Username is entered. Wanadoo are guilty of the same invidious practice with their Livebox routers.

Normal "retail" versions of the Voyager can be used with other ADSL services.

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