wireless network setup problem

  dontaskme 20:09 27 Aug 2003

I have a centrino laptop running windows xp professional and a home pc running windows xp home. I bought a wireless adapter to set up a network, but cannot set up a network.

It just says wireless connection unavailable. Both wireless adapters are 802.11b

My understanding was that i didn't need a router, have i bought the wrong thing?
click here

Any advice?

  harry_b 20:26 27 Aug 2003

look at your link under "press reviews"

  jazzypop 22:40 27 Aug 2003
  dontaskme 08:09 30 Aug 2003

Thank you for those links jazzypop, they helped me set it up, but i reinstalled xp on the home pc and can't get the network running again.

Sometimes the home pc can access the laptop's shared documents, but never the other way around.

(I needed the network setup before i wiped the hard drive so that i could transfer all the files)

  jazzypop 08:48 30 Aug 2003

Do you have any firewalls installed (including the built-in one for XP)?

If so, try uninstalling them and see if your network is ok.

  Lozzy 08:51 30 Aug 2003

To have a wireless network you must have a Gateway/Router access point as well as a wireless card in the laptop. Do you have one?

  dontaskme 17:58 30 Aug 2003

I uninstalled the firewall and it worked instantly (would have saved a few hours if i had checked here earlier). Thank you again.

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