Wireless network setup help

  FTL 11:41 17 Jul 2013


Wondering if somebody could help me.

I have an adsl router and a Netgear WG302 access point, hooked up via Ethernet cable.

I want the Netgear to be my AP and DCHP server and just forward traffic to the adsl router for the internet access. (Netgear has much better wireless signal range than the crappy adsl router)

IP of Netgear is, SM, DG, DNS IP of ADSL Router is, SM, then uses its ISP DG and DNS

Netgear DHCP Settings - Pool:, DG: DNS:

However when any wireless device joins the network you cant go anywhere. No internet access, cant even ping the wireless AP on 10.10!!

If I set my network card to static address of say 10.123, with a mask with no DG, I can ping 10.10 and 10.251 just fine.

So the issue appears to be with the gateway setting, but I cant work out what.

I have tried changing the DG for DHCP Clients to 10.10 in the hope that the AP knows to forward the traffic to its DG 10.251 but this doesn't work either.

Anybody shed any light please?


  FTL 11:45 17 Jul 2013

Sorry typo - should say

IP of Netgear is, SM, DG, DNS

IP of ADSL Router is, SM, then uses its ISP DG and DNS

  Jollyjohn 13:31 17 Jul 2013

Confirm DHCP is PFF on ADSL router.

ADSL Router is your DG - Default Gateway - DNS is as supplied by your ISP - OK

If you connect one PC to this router does it connect to the internet OK? It should.

DNS should not need to be defined on the Netgear.

The Netgear will act as DHCP server and route traffic to the DG, ADSL Router, which will then use it's DNS settings to access Internet.

  Jollyjohn 13:31 17 Jul 2013

Whoops typo - DHCP is OFF!

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