Wireless network - security??

  tichin 15:55 13 Jan 2006

I have wifi broadband internet access for both my desktop and laptop (hardware: Binatone ADSL 2100 modem, and Wireless Router, plus a USB wireless stick for each computer). All works fine, and was effectively set up by a very helpful bloke from Binatone who talked me through it. However, I'm a bit worried about the security, in particular hackers getting in by picking up the wifi signal from outside the house (I have even seen a guy walking along the street carrying a laptop looking for a signal!!!!)
In VERY VERY easy words, how best do I do this. I saw the Virgin broadband article but it looked very complicated. I have no idea whatthe ip addresses are of each machine (or even what this means!!!) Should I get an expert to do it, or is it straightforward enough?

  ade.h 17:40 13 Jan 2006

It very much depends on how your router is configured. This is done through a web-page interface that is accessed by typing an IP into your browser's address bar.

Security should be listed among the menus and options. At the very least, I would expect it to have WEP available, but WPA is very much preferable.

If you give us a bit of info about your configuration method and what the options are like, someone will guide you to the right setting.

Once you have entered a key of your choice (don't be obvious with it - you'll make it easy to crack or guess. A strange mix of letters, symbols and numbers is best) you will need to enter that key just once on any client PC that is wirelessly connected. This will be asked for when you first try to connect to the secured network.

  kinger 17:02 15 Jan 2006

If it's all working fine, simply go into the Security options and switch on 'WPA' encryption.

It will ask you for a password to use.

Type in something you can remember but not too obvious like names of pets or similar. Mix letters with numbers or % symbols etc. This way nobody will be able to break your code easily.

Then, when you try to access the wireless connection from other computers it will prompt you to enter this password.

Just type it in and you'll be secure.

Click to 'remember password' to save you having to type it in every time, if you wish.

  ade.h 17:40 15 Jan 2006

Kinger - You seem to have simply reiterated my last paragraph. Ecxept for one inaccuracy; you do not need to check any box to remember the key because it will be stored automatically.

  Skyver 19:29 15 Jan 2006

You may find these of some use, specifically #10 "Open Wireless Access Points".
click here

  kinger 21:17 15 Jan 2006

Don't be too upset.

I have been posting on here for a very long time and every sentence of any reply can be so, so valuable.

I have often got the answer to my question by somebody reiterating what has already been said but also including a hint or tip that cures the problem.

My network software asked me if I'd like the password to be remembered, of course tichin may find that this is not the case when he tries.

So my statement wasn't as inaccurate as you may have first believed ade.h.

We're all here to help ... the more the merrier and, indeed, if there are some 'duplicates', so be it.

Personally, I need all the help and advice that I can get when I post on the forums ... and I'm sure you do too.

  ade.h 21:23 15 Jan 2006

Sorry Kinger. I thought you were referring to the moment when you have to enter the key on a client device in order to gain access. That is a one-off procedure.

Interesting that your config page should ask you if you would like the key to be remembered; I should have thought that was rather important to successful setup of the security!! LOL

I'm not quite sure how to interpret your very last comment though.

  kinger 21:36 15 Jan 2006

Simply that everyone, including you and I, when asking questions on here, really need as many helpers as possible to reply. Often taking snippets from several replies can bring the final solution.

If a person feels that it's not worth replying to a query because a part of the answer has already been mentioned then, I feel, many problems would go unsolved.

Every little helps.

The point now is, has Tichin got anywhere with HIS problem (smile).

  ade.h 21:47 15 Jan 2006

We could use some feedback to that end, couldn't we? Perhaps he/she is working away on it based on our info so far.

  kinger 21:54 15 Jan 2006

... or watching Match of the day on TV. Yes he/she?

  Insomnia 23:48 15 Jan 2006

hey where should i look under for the security settings (as i have a similar yet less urgent problem)

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