Wireless Network Protocols

  mowthecat 08:16 29 Jun 2007

What are the minimum Client, Service & Protocols needed for a successful wireless network to access broadband connection and use a printer attached to one PC using Win XP SP2?

  mgmcc 08:54 29 Jun 2007

1) Client for Microsoft Networks.
2) File & Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks.
3) Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).

Not sure what you are trying to ascertain because XP SP2 already has all that you need. Obviously you have to install a Wireless Network Adapter (802.11g), but this only need have its drivers installed, not any proprietary wireless networking software. Windows' built-in Wireless Zero Configuration software will generally be better than the software provided with the WiFi adapter.

You can run a Local Area Network for File & Printer Sharing with IPX/SPX protocol instead of TCP/IP, but the internet does require TCP/IP.

  mowthecat 09:44 29 Jun 2007

Thanks for that. I've previously used this PC with a wired peer to peer connection to back-up my laptop and seem to remember having to add other protocols etc. to get it working - in fact it only worked after I added Netbeui. The PC seems to take a long time to boot (after adding a router) so I am assuming that it is taking time to set up various protocols - that's why I'm going to get rid of those that I don't need.

  mgmcc 08:35 30 Jun 2007

Adding a router shouldn't make any difference to the time taken for the PC to boot. A router isn't *installed* in a PC either as hardware or as software, it is a network device to which the PC connects.

When there are problems networking PCs for File/Printer sharing with TCP/IP the solution can be to use IPX/SPX protocol instead, as this is also available in XP. NetBEUI is an old networking protocol that by default isn't available XP, although it can be installed by copying the files from the XP CD. However, the use of these additional protocols still shouldn't impact on the boot time of the PC.

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