Wireless network Problems

  Hammiec 15:27 22 Apr 2008

Hi everyone,

I'm very new to all of this, but i have tried everything and still can't seem to solve the problem, and wondering if any of your generous people could give me a point in the right direction.

Quick run down, I just had Sky internet activated, we were given a free wireless router which has been installed and seems to be working ok. We have the internet direct with the ethernet cable but when i try to log onto the network through my wireless laptop, i find the network, put in the correct password and its tells me i'm connected but for some reason doesn't recieve any information and the web pages don't work. I have gone through the help section and manaually put in the IP address and restarted things and uninstalled them and re installed them but still comes up connected and has good strenght but there is nothing happening. Please if anyone could help thanks

PS: Firewall is currently turned off

  tullie 15:38 22 Apr 2008

Cant really help as i found that my connection was virtually plug n play.I connected my laptop initially by ethernet cable,then after this unplugged it,went to the connection icon in taskbar after turning laptop wifi on.I was given a list of connections available,clicked on mine,then entered the SSID and that was it.

  Ashrich 23:05 22 Apr 2008

Try resetting the TCP/IP stack by opening a command prompt ( start/run , type CMD in the box and press return ) then type in ...netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt , press return again , and while we are about it , when having done the above , type in ..netsh winsock reset.catalog , press enter again , then type in Exit , press enter , then reboot .

After rebooting , have a look at the wireless network properties , double click on the wireless icon on the taskbar , and on the lefthand side of the page that shows what networks are available , you'll see " manage wireless network , click on that find your profile ( Sky **** ) and delete it .

Go back to the desktop and scan for available networks again , select your and carefully enter the security key AS IT WAS GIVEN TO YOU BY SKY , usually in capital letters and see if things work now .


  Hammiec 08:31 23 Apr 2008

Thanks Tullie and Ashrich, I did try first last night connecting the laptop directing to the router through an ethernet cable and that didn't work unfortunately and fiddled around with things for about an hour but got fed up with being connected and not receieving any data.
But i will give the other option a try tonight, thanks again to both of you for getting back and will keep you posted.


  Hammiec 18:01 24 Apr 2008

Thanks for your help Ashrich, it worked and i;m up and running. Your a star

  Ashrich 20:31 24 Apr 2008

Glad that worked for you , please can you mark the thread as closed .


This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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