Wireless network problems

  01chris 16:52 05 Jul 2005

I have just bought a 3com wireless g adapter. I am running an ad-hoc network and i can transfer files fine and both pcs are saying they are connected, but only at 11mbps. I thought wireless 802.11g was meant to connect at 54mbps. If so how do i speed it up. Secondly I have been using ics over lan and now i am trying to use it over my wlan but the host pc wont let me change it. How do i do that?

One is a laptop with a Prism 802.11b/g adapter and the pc has the 3com adapter in it. They are both xp home.

PS. just so you know there is an older laptop in my house that has a wireless b card but that is turned off so that shouldn't affect it.

  01chris 20:36 05 Jul 2005

fixed the ics problem and i found out that it only connects at 11mbps because it is an ad-hoc network. But does anyone know any utilities that will speed it up?

  mgmcc 22:15 05 Jul 2005

<<<i found out that it only connects at 11mbps because it is an ad-hoc network.>>>

Where did you "find out" that 802.11g adapters will only connect at 11Mbps when used in Ad Hoc mode?

  retep888 23:57 05 Jul 2005

I would like to know too.

  mgmcc 14:22 06 Jul 2005

Are you perhaps using a USB 802.11g WiFi adapter plugged into a USB 1.1 port, so that the 12Mbps data transfer speed of USB 1.1 is limiting the WiFi connection to 11Mbps?

To run at 54Mbps, USB 802.11g WiFi adapters need to be plugged into a USB 2.0 port, which supports data transfer at 480Mbps.

  01chris 21:04 06 Jul 2005
  01chris 21:06 06 Jul 2005

i am pretty sure that it is a usb 2 port becuase when i plug my memory stick in it doesnt say that the device can perform faster. How do i find out for sure?

  mgmcc 22:06 06 Jul 2005

That's interesting and it does indeed say that the 802.11g standard only requires devices to connect at 11Mbps when used in "Ad Hoc" mode.

The only way to get a faster wireless connection would therefore be to use either a router or to replace one of the WiFi adapters with a 54Mbps Wireless Access Point so that you have an Infrastructure network.

  mufffin 19:39 07 Jul 2005

I have a home network set up and the internet connection works fine on all three computers in the network the problem is trying to print documents using the network printer.the printer is connected to the main computer and prints ok from the main computer but when i am using th e laptop in a different room (wirelessly connected)it wont print anything from it.I have bought a guide book on the subject but that was a waste of money.can anyone help? my daughter is complaining tthat we might as well not have the system if she has to keep leaving homework projects to go off and print them as opposed to ptinting them thru the wireless network,I am now almost convinced that she is right .HELP please .muffin

  mgmcc 13:06 08 Jul 2005

<<<the problem is trying to print documents using the network printer>>>

1) Connect the printer to the “client” PC, as though it were to be used with that computer, and install it. This ensures that it has all the necessary software/drivers on board.

2) Reconnect it to the "host" PC and, in its Properties, set it as "shared". In the client’s "My Network Places" (or Network Neighborhood), the printer should then appear as a shared resource of the "host" PC along with any shared folders. Double clicking the printer in the remote PC should automatically install it as a "network printer" in the “client”. This means that the “client” now has the same printer installed twice – once as a “local” printer and again as a “network” printer (with a bar under the icon to indicate a network device). If you are always going to print via the network, you may want to set the "network printer" as the default.

Otherwise, have a look at this Microsoft article. It is an old article written for Windows 95, but the basic principle for installing the network printer should still be valid.

click here;en-us;141839

  mgmcc 13:08 08 Jul 2005

URL is h t t p://


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