wireless network problem - help please

  mirrorman 22:27 04 Dec 2005

I am using a netgear router with a u.s. robotics router/modem.
I am having problems with IP addresses and am unable to get going.
The laptop seems to be picking up the wireless signal as it say's it is connected and tells me the signal strength is good.
the host pc is IP subnet mask assigned by dhcp.
The client pc is IP subnet mask automatic private address.
when trying to connect to internet from client pc I get a white screen with the message "i-friend (host pc) is controling this connection.
Anyhelp at all would be most welcome

  mgmcc 09:28 05 Dec 2005

<<< the host pc is IP subnet mask assigned by dhcp.
The client pc is IP subnet mask automatic private address. >>>

If you are using a router, there is no "Host" PC and no "Client" PC. Both connect to the router, get their IP addresses and internet connection over the LAN from the router and have an equal status in the network.

You should *NOT* have Internet Connection Sharing set up on any connection in either PC.

At the moment, the PC with the "169" address is failing to find the router to get its IP address and presumably this is the wireless laptop. Although the adapter may be showing a strong signal, have you actually "connected" to the wireless network, i.e. has the Site Monitor found the network (SSID) of your router, have you selected the option to "connect" and has the little icon got its "halo" to show you are connected?

  mirrorman 10:11 05 Dec 2005

mgmcc - thanks for the help so far
Iam not very good at this technical stuff so is there any chance that you could talk me through it from the begining (as if i have only just taken the router out of the box)and if possible in english lol :)

  mgmcc 13:02 05 Dec 2005

I don't actually understand how you have things set up at the moment. The start of your first post says:

<<< I am using a netgear router with a u.s. robotics router/modem. >>>

Normally with ADSL broadband, you would use a combined "Router/ADSL Modem" (which replaces the USB modem supplied by the ISP), but you seem to be trying to use two routers. How is the desktop PC currently connected to the internet?

A router is set up by connecting it by ethernet cable to a PC and typing its IP address into your web browser. It needs to be configured to establish the internet connection to the ISP and, once that has been done and it gets online, the PC should have internet access over the LAN (Local Area Network). The PC no longer connects directly to the ISP, the router does that.

Then you need to set up its built-in Wireless Access Point, although generally the default settings should be OK. Enter your own SSID (the wireless network's name) and when you have it working reliably, you need to enable encryption to safeguard your wireless network.

The "wireless-enabled" PC's software should be able to scan for "available networks" and find the one with the SSID you gave it in the router. You can then highlight that network and select the option to "connect" to it. Once connected, the router should allocate an IP address in the same way as it has done with the Desktop PC.

Does that help?

  mirrorman 15:42 05 Dec 2005

As per netgear router instructions I have my desktop pc connected as follows:-
pc to wireless router with ethernet cable
wireless router to modem/router with ethernet cable.
But the instructions do say "modem and not modem/router.
The reason I am using a modem/router is because last week I was trying to set up wired network but that did'nt work so I thought I would try wireless.
Hope I can get it going,it's cost me a small fortune so far to get nowhere :(
Thanks again for your help.

  mgmcc 21:23 05 Dec 2005

Either you have ADSL broadband via the phone line, in which case you need a combined "Router/ADSL Modem" or you have Cable broadband (NTL or Telewest) where you use a "stand-alone" router which connects by ethernet to the supplied modem.

If you are trying to connect a "stand-alone" router (Cable/DSL Broadband Router) by ethernet to a separate ADSL modem, I believe it is possible to do it, but *extremely* difficult because "stand-alone" routers only support PPPoE protocol (PPP over Ethernet) and ADSL in the UK uses PPPoA (PPP over Asynchronous Transfer Mode).

If the "wired" device you have is actually a combined Router/Modem, then it may be possible to connect the wireless router to it but, in any event, you do need to get the "wired" device working properly first. "Wired" is much less involved than "wireless".

  bazb 22:03 05 Dec 2005

Hi mirrorman

Seeing as you are using a combined modem and router then you must be on ADSL.

as mgmcc says

The easiest way to have set up your network would have been to have purchased a combined ADSL modem/wireless router.

I think one of your major problems is trying to use 2 seperate routers on the same system.

If you need to keep your combined ADSL modem/router then I think you would require a wireless access point to connect to your modem/router. This would be easier to set up than using another router.

Good luck

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