Wireless Network Problem BT Voyager 2100 & DLink

  vicks73 15:28 25 Nov 2005

Wireless Network Problem BT Voyager 2100 & DLink Adapter
Trying to set up a really simple wireless network (yeah right!) at home purely because i can't stand the wire trailing through my lounge.
Purchased a BT voyager 2100 and a DLink adapter,
both installed i think but when searching for wireless networks it firstly came up with two, one said BT Voyager 2100 the other something beginning TR------, a neighbours i guess?? now the voyager has gone from the list, so i thought maybe the TR------ is ours and tried to connect but it won't let me. I thought it would be so simple but its not.... the voyager is second hand and did not come with cd but apparently you do not need that to install. what am i doing wrong? grateful for any help but please keep it super simple as not very bright!

  the pie eater 15:33 25 Nov 2005

I am not so sure you dont need the cd as i use bt voyager and i had to install the cd that came with it .

  Minkey1 17:07 25 Nov 2005

You shouldn't need the CD - I use a 2100 and the disc just contains a copy of the manual, all set up/settings being done via the Voyager's Configuration Manager. Do you have the set up leaflet ?


  Ikelos 17:35 25 Nov 2005

do you have the voyager control panel in your bookmarks, and you can get the software from the BT/Voyager site.

  LAP 19:47 25 Nov 2005

From what little I know of this I can only relate to what I have done: 1st I connected a Bt Voyager 1050 USB, which is the same as your DLink Adapter but USB. This is installed using the cd rom supplied. 2nd I connected my Bt2100 wireless router. 3rd Internet Explorer put the dial up code in ie router talked to the 1050 and Broadband up and running.

  Access genu 22:47 25 Nov 2005

First reset the router, to remove any pre existing security settings, then look for it again. You should see BTVOYAGER2100-xx (xx being the last two digits of the serial number)
next start upi IE, and type in voyager.home This will take you to the routers home page.

Now set up the security the user should be admin with a password of admin

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