wireless network problem

  morters 13:10 19 Mar 2012

I can send and receive e-mails. My partner can receive and send emails. I can send my partner an e-mail but she cannot send me an email. We are both using Windows 7 but have different ISPs. This seems to have started about the same time as I was trying but failed to set up a connection between her laptop downstairs and my new Epson SX535WD wireless printer upstairs.

My failure to set up the connection just shows my complete lack of understanding of a wireless network (?) and I’m pretty certain that fiddling around with my computer settings for network and internet trying to set up the connection has caused the email problem but have no idea how to undo what I’ve done.

Can anyone help me sort out the mess and confusion, please?

  Nontek 13:49 19 Mar 2012

Your failure to make a wireless connection between laptop and printer, might not necessarily been due to your lack of wireless know-how, but could simply have been insufficient Signal Strength to reach between the two. In my own experience one needs over 60-70% Signal Strength to make such a connection downstairs/upstairs - and that is provided you have a very good Signal from Router to PC in the first place.

You might be able to get 'back to where you were' by running a normal System Restore back to before you made any changes.

  Nontek 13:52 19 Mar 2012

Also make sure that the Printer Software is installed on BOTH PCs for the wireless connection to work - and follow Wireless Connection Instructions given on Installation CD.

  morters 13:59 19 Mar 2012

Thank you Nontek. How do I find out what my/our signal strength is? Laptop separated by approx 20' (difficult to measure through a floor!)

Have already done system restore on partner's but will try it on my own machine.

  morters 14:01 19 Mar 2012

Nontek - I installed the printer software disc on partner's laptop and thought I had followed the Wireless Connection installation. Maybe I goofed up somewhere.

  Nontek 14:09 19 Mar 2012

I did mean Restore on your own machine. If the printer has a small Window showing actions, this is where you would normally see reference to Signal Strength.

  Nontek 14:15 19 Mar 2012

I forgot to mention - don't forget that even though you are setting up the printer to work Wirelessly, you do need a USB Cable connection during the initial Printer Installation process. The USB cable is then removed once Wireless Connection had been established.

  morters 14:56 19 Mar 2012

Nontek, system restore didn't seem to have fixed the problem. Time/date of restore point seems too recent but don't appear to have any earlier as computer very new. Equally, it may be that I'm just not used to the differences between Windows 7 and Windows XP, the system on my previous computer.

Didn't understand 'If the printer has a small Window showing actions'. tried to print something printer now refusing to function. Getting very confused.

You are right that I did not connect the printer to the laptop when setting up the printer software.

  Woolwell 15:09 19 Mar 2012

I have the SX535WD and it is not necessary to connect by USB cable first. The network set up guide from here is good and should be followed step by step as should the initial set up sheet that came with the printer.

The printer should separately recognise the router. Have you put in the password for your network?

Can you receive e-mails from other people, can she send to other people?

  Nontek 15:26 19 Mar 2012

I have the SX445W wireless printer which is very very similar to your SX535WD, so please forgive me for assuming that the setup was similar - mine did require USB Cable during the initial installation.

Both our printers do have similar small screens showing Settings etc - which is what I meant by 'showing the actions', sorry for any confusion.

  morters 15:30 19 Mar 2012

Woolwell, thanks for reply. My prime efforts at moment are to get the emails going. I can receive and send emails from and to other people. My partner can receive and send emails from and to other people. 'Have you put in the password for your network?' - there lies the rub; to my embarrassment, I'm not entirely sure exactly what a network is, I know that must sound very stupid, but then I'm not very clever at all when it comes to computers; therefore it follows that I don't really know what the network password is or if I entered it. Is it the same as the password for the router?

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