Wireless Network Problem

  jp2533 19:24 27 Oct 2006

Hopefully, someone can help me out with a problem with my wireless network. If I recycle my cable modem and router (Belkin), I can connect with my laptop. Unfortunately, after several hours the connection drops. Once it drops, I can not see my network when I try to reconnect. I can see my neighbor's units but not mine.

  Ashrich 21:10 27 Oct 2006

What software are you using to connect to the network , is it Belkins own stuff or have you got built in wireless ?


  jp2533 21:19 27 Oct 2006

I am using Windows XP SP2. The wireless card is built into the HP laptop.

  Ashrich 19:34 28 Oct 2006

One more question , what is the make of the wireless card , so I can find out what chipset it is ( like Broadcom , Atheros , Intel etc. ) then I can go about finding a more reliable driver for you . Also , have a look at the properties for the Mini Pci wireless card in Device Manager ( right click on My Computer , properties , Hardware , Device Manager , Network Adapters ) double click on you card and in the advanced tab look for " power save mode " and select " off " that may well stop it disconnecting .


  Ashrich 19:49 28 Oct 2006

Come to think of it , if you can see your neighbours unit but not your own then your wireless card is working Ok , maybe you need to do a firmware upgrade on your router ( usually ) or something like that , it will be in the handbook . You may have done this already , but the modem and the router cannot both give out DHCP , only one of them can do this , so try disabling DHCP on the router , if all else fails and plug the network cable from the modem into ethernet port 1 on the router instead of the Wan port .


  jp2533 19:51 28 Oct 2006

Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection

I don't see Power Save Mode as scuch.

Here are the settings:

· Ad Hoc Channel = 80211b/g with channel 1 (both of my neighbors are on 11)
· Ad Hoc Power Management = Noisy Environment
· Ad Hoc QOS mode = default
· Mixed Mode = RTS/CTS Enabled
· Power Management = Highest
· Roaming Aggressiveness = default
· Throughput Enhancement = Enabled
· Transmit Power = default
· Wireless Mode = default (a, b &g)

  jp2533 19:57 28 Oct 2006

I did look for a new version of the firmware for the router but there doesn't seem to be one available for the specific model I have.

I don't know if my cable modem is assigning the DHCP. I do have the router assigning addresses.

If I disable DHCP on the router, will I need to assign static IP addresses?

  mgmcc 20:51 28 Oct 2006

<<< but the modem and the router cannot both give out DHCP , only one of them can do this , so try disabling DHCP on the router >>>

They should both be allocating addresses by DHCP.

The Cable Modem will allocate the "public" IP address, as allocated by the ISP, to the router as its WAN address. The router in turn will allocate LAN IP addresses to networked computers. It should not be necessary to disable DHCP in the router.

  jp2533 21:08 28 Oct 2006

Sorry - I don't undertand.

You are correct that my ISP is assigning an IP address on the WAN side and I have Dynamic DHCP turned on for that in the router.

On the LAN side, I have the router assigning IP address via DHCP I believe.

I really appreciate your help and sorry I am not understanding.

  Ashrich 21:09 28 Oct 2006

Ok , was working on the basis of the wireless ISP I use ( not through the phone line ) that needs only one piece of kit to assign IP addresses , like using a seperate ADSL modem and wireless router that needs the same , obviously cable has different requirements .


  jp2533 21:11 28 Oct 2006

Here is the status on my Belkin router.
Version Info
Firmware Version 3.01.53
Boot Version v2_0 - built 02:26:32, Jul 5 2005
Hardware WRTR_159G_v01
Serial No. BEL99999999
LAN Settings
LAN/WLAN MAC 00:17:3F:62:2B:B7 / 00:17:3F:62:2B:B7
IP address
Subnet mask
DHCP Server Enabled

Internet Settings
WAN MAC address 00:08:A1:0A:69:51
Connection Type Dynamic
Subnet mask
Wan IP
Default gateway
DNS Address

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