Wireless network for PC and Ibook ??

  bubbles2 13:21 31 Jul 2003

I am currently looking to buy an apple ibook with an airport card and airport extreme basestation.What I would like to know is - will it be possible to connect my ibook and my current pc to the internet using 1 Aol broadband connection using the apple extreme basestation just by putting a wireless card into my pc.
Any advice would be extremely useful as thia is all new to me.

  bubbles2 16:55 31 Jul 2003

Alternatively - would any wireless system using the 802.11b system work with both a pc and an ibook.
This would be cheaper than the Airport system I presume.

Any suggestions or advice ???

  mdshamilton 17:23 31 Jul 2003

Check the click here site, you'll have to do some digging to figure out which card will work though... follow this link:

click here

Question 6: Can I use a Microsoft Windows-based notebook in an AirPort network?

Answer: Yes. Because AirPort is based on the IEEE 802.11 DSSS standard, there are a number of companies with products that allow a Windows-based computer to be used in an AirPort network.

  bubbles2 14:44 01 Aug 2003

Thanks mdshamilton I`ve looked at those links and now am wondering how easy this will be to set up,like I said I am a bit of a novice and these things always seem to sound easier in theory than in practice.
Would it be simpler to buy an ibook with an airport card and then buy a home network kit separately like the BT one for example,would both pc and mac work with that.

  mdshamilton 22:24 03 Aug 2003

It would probably work fine both ways - but in all honesty? Most people and companies only support PC based hardware, so if you ever had any issues with resetting MAC addresses etc in the router you might find it difficult for anyone at BT to advise you. But on the otherhand AOL has always supported Apple Macs. At the moment do you plan to have mostly Apple or Windoze PCs?

Have you tried any Apple websites for advice from people who have done this? Have you asked Apple themselves as part of the purchasing decision - they ought to bend over backwards to help you? Sorry I can't give you a definitive response/advice - I haven't actually done this myself, although I have used Macs since the first one came out in 1984 and PCs since then.

I'll see if I can do so digging and find out more for you.

  bubbles2 15:17 04 Aug 2003

Thanks for your help,at the moment I have only a PC with windows XP but am about to buy an Apple Ibook.I have Broadband in the pipeline and was just trying to find out the best way to hook them both up to the net without wires etc everywhere.
I am open to suggestions.

  Q-Bie 15:36 04 Aug 2003

As far as I know you cannot share an AOL broadband connection across multiple computers?

I know that a DSL Wireless Router will not work because AOl use a different authentication system to log you into their network. And I would imagine windows connection sharing doesn't work because AOL don't use windows own networking systems to connect.

There are forums on adslguide, they would be the best place to start.

click here

  bubbles2 18:30 06 Aug 2003

Would this be possible if only one computer was connected at a time.For example one upstairs and one downstairs both with the same AOL account but using the net at different times.

  bubbles2 14:46 21 Aug 2003


After taking a bit of advice I have gone back to square one.
I have ditched the idea of using AOL for broadband.

I have a PC with Windows XP and am waiting on delivery of my new Ibook,what I want to know is what exactly do I need to get them both onto one broadband connection.

As I mentioned above the ibook will have an airport card and the pc will be fitted with a compatible wireless card - I am informed that better alternatives to the Airport extreme basestation are available now I need to find one !!.

I am on the verge of signing up with either Pipex or Plusnet as a Broadband provider.

So in a nutshell - what exactly do I need to get me started,is there one little box which will do all I want or will I need a whole list of things ?

I am really looking for the simplest solution available and cost is less of an issue than ease of use.

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