wireless network nightmare!!! help!!

  mighty_mondo 11:37 05 Jun 2004

can any1 help, i have a USB modem attached to my XP desktop which has a wireless pci card correctly installed and a win98 laptop with a wireless PCMCIA card which windows also says is correctly installed. i have a wireless router and am trying to get both sharing my broadband. the desktop connects fine to the network i have attempted to set up but i cant get the laptop do do the same and neither computer sees the other!! i used XP's wizard to set up the network but i'm not sure where i'm going wrong

  johnsims 11:43 05 Jun 2004

Check that both computers are set up with the same workgroup name.

The default workgroup name in Win98 is WORKGROUP
The default workgroup name in XP is MSHOME

I found I had to spend some time persuading XP to decide to use the name WORKGROUP as I refuse on a point of principle to have MS in my workgroup name. For an easier life, rename the workgroup in Win98 to MSHOME

  TomJerry 11:45 05 Jun 2004

For your setup, you do not need router. What you need is so called "peer to peer/ad-hoc" network which network two PCs together and win98 share internet with WinXP through Internet Connection Sharing. You can find set up info on homenethelp click here.

Better option, throw away usb modem and get a modem with lan/ethernet connection and connect it wireless router and both PCs access router. Again, a lot of good info on homenethep including setup diagrams.

  mighty_mondo 11:47 05 Jun 2004

i have them both set to the workgroup HOME but nothing happens when i try to connect onto the network with my laptop. ( i get an icon in the system tray on the XP desktop). the wireless PCMCIA software is detecting the router but wont connect

  computernerdiamnot 11:58 05 Jun 2004

What i can gather correct me if i am wrong, you are trying to connect to the internet with the laptop by wireless. This cannot be done with a usb modem to do this wireless you need to do what TOMJERRY stated and get a modem with lan/ethernet and plug into the router. Yes the card will pick up the router but there will be no internet connection.

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