Wireless network muddle

  willrcoggan 06:46 18 Sep 2010

Hi all - hope someone can help with this problem.

I have a largely wired network set up - used to have Broadband access via Virgin (Cable) and the Cable Modem plugged into the WAN port on a Belkin Wireless router. The router was directly cabled to one PC and my Blu-Ray player, and linked by cable to a switch in another part of the house with two more PC's, a NAS and shared printer/scanner. A laptop and other handhelds (e.g. iPod Touch) connected wirelessly to the Belkin router.

I have now switched to Sky who provide the internet connection through ADSL and (for complicated reasons) this comes through at the opposite end of the house to where my Belkin router is situated. So, I now have a wired network with no internet connection, and an internet connection with Sky Wireless router which only my laptop/iPod (or any wirelessly enabled PCs - see below) can connect to directly.

I have two questions:

1. Is there any way in which I can reconfigure the Belkin to access the Sky Router wirelessly and pass the internet connection to my wired network? I will otherwise have to run a cable between the two routers which I can do if I have to but it seems inelegant (and I will suffer a certain amount of complaining from my better half!)

2. In the meantime I am having to use local (USB) Wireless Adaptors on my PCs to enable them to update online. Can anyone suggest a reason why the wireless adaptors do not function unless I first disable the relevant PC's ethernet connection? It is not a solution, because of the NAS, printer and Bluray player, to move to a completely wireless set up and I would rather not purchase additional adaptors unless I absolutely have to.

Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance,


  mgmcc 09:32 19 Sep 2010

1. Some routers can be configured to function as a "Wireless Network Bridge", which will then connect a "wired" network to a "wireless" one (your Sky Router). If your Belkin router doesn't have this option, it can't connect wirelessly to another router.

2. There shouldn't be any reason why a computer can't have two network adapters connecting to different networks, i.e. your "wired" network by ethernet and your wireless adapter to the Sky router. Having said that, there can be a problem with Windows *VISTA* where it only allows Local Access with a network adapter. This doesn't happen with XP and has been fixed in Windows 7. Is this your problem?

Also, when connecting to two routers, the two networks will have to operate in different Subnets (IP address ranges). This shouldn't be a problem as the Belkin will use 192.168.2.x addresses and the Sky router probably uses 192.168.0.x or 192.168.1.x addresses.

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