[DELETED] 16:55 06 Jun 2006

I am using Windows XP with a Belkin Pre-N wireless transmitter. My system tray shows a wireless network icon and tells me that the system is connected with a good signal. The throughput speed varies between 18Mbps and 54Mbps. During the course of the day, I lose connectivity, but not on all programs. I can download data via a download manager such as Net Transporter 2 or Microsoft Outlook, for example, but my browsers (Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer) each respond with an error message telling me that the server cannot be found.
I have a Palm TX, which is always able to connect to the wireless router, and Belkin have confirmed that the router is working as expected. This leaves me with the Windows XP part of the system.
I have checked the Microsoft website, and the bits about Wireless Zero Configuration don't apply, as the Belkin is supported by XP.
Sometimes I can use the repair option from the network icon in the system tray, other times, I have to reboot the whole computer in order to restore full internet browsing capability.
There is one neighbour with a wireless router, but the channels are far apart, and his signal is very weak, and I don't think that this is causing interference.
I have never encountered anything like this before, and am fast running out of ideas.
Can anyone shed some light on this problem please?

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