wireless network and IE

  lostinspacebar 12:08 03 Apr 2005

hey ppl i run 2 puters on a sweet wireless network.
the desktop while surfing seems ok however will not load the odd pages. cant get onto online banking nor will it connect to windows updates.
the laptop on the same network accesses these sites
when i switch back to ordinary broadband modem desktop accesses the sites no problem.
both puters run xp and both are fully updated.
any ideas?

  pauldonovan 12:14 03 Apr 2005

If so, then obviously the desktop is the issue. Do you have another connection mechanism you can try for the desktop (i.e. dial-up) and does that have the same problems?

  lostinspacebar 12:53 03 Apr 2005

hey paul laptop and desktop work fine when coupled to my bt voyager modem.
however as i said desktop wont access certain sites on wireless setup while the laptop will

  pauldonovan 17:02 04 Apr 2005

..what errors do you get?

It might be worth running some network diagnostics on the desktop, i'm not sure of any great ones but if you can ping something (e.g. router/another pc) from the desktop, you could try running ping with -t at the end just to get a repeated ping.


ping somemachine -t

If you see some timeouts etc. then at least it means it is general networking issue rather than IE / Web page specific.

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