Wireless network how do I tranfer files?

  toni b 00:28 10 Sep 2003

I have had a wirelss network set up for a few months but I have yet to learn how to send files to the other computer on it.Both computers can access the internet no problem, but would some one be so kind as to instruct me on how I can configure computers to see each other on network so I can tranfer files directly (if I have needed to send a file I have been sending it by email)IT WORKS! One laptop is using xp pro the other win 2000 wot must I do so they see each other?

  AndySD 01:22 10 Sep 2003

click here Shows you some screenshots.... what you need is both the PC's with seperate names but the same workgroup name.

  toni b 02:29 10 Sep 2003

I am unable to see the other computer over the wireless network ,i used your link and it was very useful but it seems I also have a service that file sharing uses that is not enabled i do not now which one to enable I have tried several but donot wish to enable too many as this will make my system more vunerable i belive.I get an error message "An error occurred while trying to share Pictures.The server services is not started
The shared resources was not createded at this time."Any ideas to which service to enable please????

regards Toni

  AndySD 02:44 10 Sep 2003

Create a new folder on the Desktop of one of the PC's and put a pic in it. Now Right click on the folder and Share it. Go to the other PC and in Network Places can you navigate to the folder and see its contents? click here

  toni b 02:49 10 Sep 2003

when i try and share file it states "server service not started"

  AndySD 02:50 10 Sep 2003

click here may or may not help.

Mostly these problems seem to occur because one or more of the PC's have a firewall running.

  toni b 02:53 10 Sep 2003

I think it is a service that is disable i am looking through list but cant determine which one it is

  AndySD 02:55 10 Sep 2003

click here and look under Windows XP services..... and enable the Server Service to Automatic.

  toni b 03:07 10 Sep 2003

I am now able to share the file I had use msconfig toenable service as it would not enable through controll panel

  toni b 03:10 10 Sep 2003

I do not no wot to write in box to add a link to shared folders this is a big learning curve 4 me


  AndySD 03:21 10 Sep 2003

If you are looking for a perminant link to the folder then you need to map it as a drive. click here for a screen shot.... then use Browse to find the folder on the other pc.

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