Wireless network help please

  karensmith 15:36 25 Oct 2011

Hopefully someone can help. I currently have bt broadband and connect to the internet using a modem but sometime in the future I would like to be able to use a laptop in the house and my kids will want to connect their playstation, so I guess I need to go wireless. The problem is that I am clueless. I know that I will need an adsl router, but can anyone recommend a particular model and tell me what else I need besides the router. Will I use my current modem? I have been on the bt website but they just want to sell me another broadband package and I'm quite happy with the one I have at the moment. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Karen.

  tigertop2 17:33 25 Oct 2011

Have a look at the PC Advisor 'Reviews'. The tab is close to the Forums Tab at the top of the Page. In networking you will find a number of well rated ADSL routers. Most now are wireless 'n' standard rather than 'b' and 'g' so you should go for that. Prices vary from around £30 upwards to hundreds but a good router can be had for around £50 or so

I have used BT for many years and the present router is not bad. If your contract for Broadband is close to review you can usually knock down their asking price to get a good deal, including the router. Just don't take their first offer! Alternatively the reviews in PCA are worth reading and if you find something in these I am sure it will serve you well

  The Old Mod 07:52 26 Oct 2011

Hi, if you contact BT they should send you the Home Hub free of charge, they did for me when I spoke to them.

  karensmith 13:16 26 Oct 2011

Tigertop2 and The Old Mod - thanks for your replies. I have had my contact with BT for years but didn't like to ring them because I did not want to get roped into a new contract where I'd have to pay more. As you both suggested I get in touch with them for the Homehub, I did and guess what - I'll get it free of charge and a new 12 month contact which is cheaper than the one I am on now. So thank you both for your help. Karen

  tigertop2 16:41 26 Oct 2011

Delighted to hear that. BT are ok if you give them a kick every so often. Bit like an unwilling donkey but if you persit they usually get you there

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