wireless network help needed please

  The GnoMe 11:52 02 Jun 2005

Hi all, right ill dive straight into my problem and i hope you can help me.

As i live in cyprus, i now have bb but the company will only let me use their modem/router thingy, they will not give me the settings and i have tried my best to do it, but with this to connect to the bb service you go to their homepage click here and select the service then enter your username and password, this then connects you to the bb service. following me so far?

Right i have a wireless /modem/router so i connected the lan cables from their modem/router to mine and plugged mine to the lan port of my laptop and this works fine,

so i am basically getting to their modem/router (and the internet )throught mine.

ok...... i then put my wireless network card in and unplugged the lan cable from my modem/router to my laptop in the hope of using the wireless connection.

I pick up the wireless connection fine, but i am unablee to connect to the internet in this way, why is this as i thought the wireless card was just instead of plugging in the cable if you know what i mean.

i hope i havent lost you here, i use win xp home

thanks for your time

  selfbuild 16:14 02 Jun 2005

Try this....

Disable the onboard LAN and then goto....

Start > Run, type cmd and hit Enter. Now type ipconfig /release (press enter) and then ipconfig /renew (press enter).

Note the spac between the g and the /

  The GnoMe 15:48 03 Jun 2005

hi mate no that did not work, thanks for the help anyhow though, i cant understand why? can anyone else please help me with this


  selfbuild 00:13 04 Jun 2005

Have you got any encryption setup (ie WEP or WPA) on the wireless router?

  The GnoMe 07:41 04 Jun 2005

hi well i dont think that could be it, as i have been using it in the uk before i came here but then i was using the adsl direct into my modem/router as opposed to going via theres

any more ideas

  Taff36 16:13 06 Jun 2005

I can`t get the first link to work. Who are they? Anyway I had a similar problem with AOL and I can`t see why you need their router in the equation at all unless it doesn`t have a modem included. What make and model is it? If you have two pieces of equipment how many firewalls are running?

The solution to my AOL problem was in the setup username. I had to put in @AOL.com after the username and then the correct password. This was because using AOL`s interface they added @AOL.com automatically. Just a thought.

  The GnoMe 16:56 06 Jun 2005

hi well, the company is Cytanet and they provide the cytanet service ie your email etc, and the broadband provider is i-choice, they supply the modem/router in one, and i have to pay them for the rental (crafty beggers) even though i have my own, i cannot enter the settings of their router as they just do it through a web page, that is prob why you cannot access the link.
the modem router model is a B-focus Mulitport 400pr modem/router (telecom).
as i mentioned in my above thread, i can route to their modem (therefor the internet connection)through my modem/router direct to the lan port, but not with the wireless.

i would love help on this if anyone possibly can


  The GnoMe 16:57 06 Jun 2005

ps i only have one firewall on my laptop running, it is zone alarm

thanks again

  Taff36 19:18 06 Jun 2005

I can`t get my head round this one yet. If you have a broadband connection you only have to log on to get access. They can`t know which modem you`re using providing the modem is transmitting the same information. I`ll have a think and hope someone else is more clued up than me!

  Taff36 20:57 06 Jun 2005

Cytanet looks like a normal ISP for e-mail services. They do broadband as well but I won`t ask why you didn`t choose them. i-choice is the broadband "Portal" which I don`t quite understand click here Which service have you subscribed to?

Other forum members should check out this link to their BB services because the notes on the option links tell us something about the way it works. (click i-choice 512 for example)

  Taff36 21:16 06 Jun 2005

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